Monday, June 30, 2008

All the Riches..

Sometimes, I am a rich, rich woman.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

More On DeeDee

DeeDee is a princess.

Dee weighs 11.5 pounds, so she is perfectly on target for being a mini. She has the physique of a greyhound - slender slender slender! Obviously, her legs are short and squat. Her tail is long and whip thin.

Right now, she eats Iams Small Breed, though we'll be picking up Eukanuba small breed or some variable of canned since DeeDee is a grazer and we'd prefer she'd eat and be done ( mostly because MILA wants to taste the dog food, which is not labeled safe for HC ). We are thinking that DeeDee will enjoy canned food at the " rate " ( Oh, being the mother of a tube feeder ! ) of 1 can per day split into 2 feedings, am / pm. We have researched and 6 oz seems to be the right amount for DeeDee. If we do soft food, however, she'll have to have her teeth brushed more often.

Right now, DeeDee has a double yeasty ear infection. Doxies are prone to these because of their droopy ears. She is taking Panalog, which, surprisingly, its really just Nystatin, which we HAD. Nystatin is commonly used for thrush.

DeeDee has no idea how to play. Its obvious by the state of her teeth that she was at the very least neglected ( or no one though of it since she moved from house to house to house ) if not outright abused. She does not view toys as chew objects. She does not bop around like a playful pup. She greets you enthusiastically, walks with her nose down and her tail awagging, but inside the house, she prefers to cuddle up and be loved.

The only thing we've found that excites DeeDee and captures her attention are rawhide twists. Before everyone jumps down our throat about rawhide... these twists do not splinter. Dee Dee must work very very hard to chew them down, and she works on them only with our watchful eyes upon her. We have tried Nylabones, and DeeDee is NOT iterested. The twists are not even 1cm across, and they are actually tendon and not rawhide I belive. WE are looking into bully sticks. If you do't know what a bully stick is....

Dee Dee prefers our bed, and more specifically, MY pillow. Not terribly fond of this myself. Regardless, we do allow bed sleeping but I think I'm going to pick her up a little bed to put ON our bed in hopes that she leaves my pillow alone.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Beautiful WEather

Dee Dee is fitting into the family wonderfully, aside from the notion she has that OUR bed is HER bed and that MY pillow is really HER pillow. Sorry, pooch, but you are WRONG! She follows us around and barks at strange noises ( which is rare ) and loves to go in the car. She's not fond of being in the CAGE in the car, but the car itself? Divine!

Mila is on a total eating strike and is being tubed nearly 100%. Sucky, but better now than before. No false hopes anymore. The girl isn't gonna eat, so we'll deal with this the best we can and do what we think is right.

Robby starts camp on Monday. I hope he eats his lunch there - last year at Chabad, he refused to eat at all! I'm hoping that since *I* will send his lunch, he'll eat some! His first lunch will be pretty easy - cream cheese sandwhich, cheese birdie, applesauce, fruit bar, and carrots & dip. That should do it for his snack, too! I have to pick him up a kids waterbottle though. And maybe a bigger backpack?

With all the nice weather, the kids are getting lots of outside time... YEAH for outside time!

One of our neighbors ( or several ) are serious pot smokers. At night, the smell of burning marijuana wafts through the open window and gags me half to death. Makes for very hot nights with no airflow, since the smell nauseates me. Robby has commented on it a few times. I keep trying to tell him its a yucky smell but I think that he disagrees!

Not much else happening. Monday is weigh in.. and since I got into my skinny jeans, I am hoping to be UNDER 165.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Meet the New Addition!

Meet Dee-Dee! Dee is a 1 year old piebald mini doxie! She's the sweetest thing ever and she's a perfectly peachy girl. She whines and barks only when left alone, doesn't have accidents, and sleeps under the covers.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A *Personal* Victory...

I debated blogging about this because I have serious issues with expectation and immediate gratification. When I want something, honestly, I want it now, and I expect it now .

I've been doing Weight Watchers with mixed success. I lost like a DEMON the first week. I was so proud of myself and slowly but surely, I toned down the hunger from oh my god i'm going to starve to a mere and manageable I wish I had more points today!

And then... I stopped losing despite POP'ing repeatedly. POP means Perfectly On Program, for you non weight watcher people out there. I wasn't working out but honestly, um... two kids is exercise enough!

Battling the hunger urges and NOT losing was dreadful. It got to the point where I said " Fuck it. I'll watch but I'm not going to kill myself ". And then I felt kinda guilty about quitting again, so I decided to do my usual kick your ass into gear. I went to try on pants that I loved but my ass had gotten too big to get into. There is nothing more humiliating than remembering how good you looked in a certain outfit and NOT BEING ABLE TO PULL THEM UP TO YOUR HIPS. Forget ZIPPING, I'd be happy with ON. Not being able to pull them up is a big giant FUCK YOU from your buttocks,
in case you haven't been through that particular emotion. Its my usual remedy for wanting to quit.

Oh my god. Not only did I get them ON, but DUDE they FIT. THEY FIT! THEY FIT THEY FIT THEY FIT!!!! And I very proudly wore them all day and resolved to keep at the Weight Watchers without killing myself, but with a good deal of effort.

NOTHING works better to get you back on program than FITTING INTO YOUR SKINNY CLOTHES!

Actually, just for the record... These pants are a size 12. I have both size 10's AND size 8's that I would like to get into, so I can continue to beat my self esteem into submission until I get there. But MAN, I look HOT in these jeans.

GOOD morning!

The sun is shining.

No one is crying ( yet ).

I have grandiose plans for today. I would like to clean the bathroom, do a bit of sewing, mop the floor, return a movie ( National Treasure 2, boring on and off but overall watchable exactly once ), and take a walk with the kiddos.

This morning, I was able to finish the dishes without any interruptions which made me very happy. Its always easier if the whole day starts off without a hitch!

Robby's camp starts MONDAY! HOOOOORAY for camp! I bought him a towel, a spongebob sandwhich holder, and we'll go and get him LOTS of snacks. I'm so excited for him I could bounce! Maybe the house will be clean... MAYBE I COULD SEW!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Monday, June 23, 2008

Pardon me while I have a moment....


There. I think I feel better now.


The house is a wreck. The dishes are piling up. Parts of the carpet are rather crunky with formula spots that I did not notice in time to wipe before they harded into vaguely off smelling invisible spots. I have a damp sock from water that was spilled on the carpet that I noticed, and opted not clean up because I was elbow deep in an exploded diaper. I haven't been able to sew in days. Mila's new wake up at 9:00 streak has ended with a 5:55am wakeup this morning. The car needs to be cleaned out before coffee cups and juice boxes decide to drive themselves off for a refill. There is laundry liberally sprinkled all over the bedroom,a nd there is a deliciously thick coating of toys on every available surface.

(&#$#(&!! ( Maybe I wasn't done, after all )

I unloaded the dishwasher at 6am, and it is now 8:15. Only one child is awake and the only thing I have been able to load INTO the empty dishwasher is a single fork. I have, however, drank 1/2 a pot of coffee in a single cup, recieved several baby kisses, and admired the extremely sunny and not terribly hot day.

What happened to my lovely schedule? What happened to working in 15 minutes, with a house that was passable if not always perfectly sparkling? The cessation of the nap ended my tirade against clutter with a resounding BANG. It its darn near impossible to clean up this house with the kids awake and running around. Mila delights in helping me unload the dishwasher, whether or not the dishwasher actually harbors the ever elusive clean dishes or not.

Oh, and the leaky pipe under the sink? The one that came with a bucket when we moved in?? It did not leak when the repair guy was here. The leaky bathtub and shower, however, was deemed to be unfixable and will require total replacement. As well as the sink itself, which leakes from the knobs the moment it is turned on. This is now TWO leaky sinks we've had in this building so far. It is a darn good thing that I have acquired a collection of 50 or so dishcloths that are perfect for folding up next to the offending sink knobs to mop up the wet before it ruins anything on the counter.

And just as an aside, WTF is up with our toilet running constantly all night? I got up and jiggled it as only the best jiggler can do... It quieted, and I climbed back into my bed, snuggled down and listened to the silence. After an hour, it was running again. NOT FUNNY.

Oh, and my son the cutest kid in the world? Had a major malfunction and I threw out an offending toy. He sobbed himself to sleep in the middle of our chat last night. I will not accept bargaining and arguing anymore. Camp cannot start fast enough. I am hoping that if I wake Mila at 6:00 every morning, and have Robby at camp by 7:30 for precare, and Mila takes a nap that maybe, just maybe, maybe maybe maybe I can clean up the house before it is condemned.

One last thing, to the Indonesian group celebrating at the park on Saturday. While I did not begrudge the fact that you were using all the tables, and I was willing to accept the fact that your group kept getting closer and closer to us, taking up the ENTIRE shaded area... I was not thrilled with the nasty looks we kept getting as your group expanded and it was determined that my 4" by 3" blanket was in the way of your party. It was NOT necessary to set up your PROPANE GRILL a mere THREE INCHES from my blanket. Nor was it necessary to allow your kids to throw sticks at the hapless squirrel chittering above my head, thereby raining sticks down upon my kids and I as we attempted to eat our lunch. I hope you understood when I snatched my blanket away from the burning grill and moved down to the bug infested patch of dirt that was the only area you hadn't invaded yet.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I'm not whining.

I'm not whining. Really, I'm not. ( Maybe a little? )

Thanks for all the encouragement. Bloggyland is the best for stuff like that.

The last two nights, M has slept till 9am. 9am! Neither day she had a nap and today looks like she's gearing up for a third day. Its too bad - she REALLY needs a nap still and she gets drunk by the end of the day, staggering around, cranky as heck. Its sad to see that she's soooo tired she can't even walk straight.

Robby spent last night at Sophia's, but MAN was he ready to go the park today! It was sooo nice, well above the forcast for today ( 29 instead of 26 ). They had such a good time. These pictures are from last time, though I'll probably upload the ones from today later tonight.

Friday, June 20, 2008

And the battle continues..

Just when we think Mila is making great strides ( eating a chicken nugget, a few bites of hot dog, a piece of cheese, most of her formula ), she plummets down to baseline ( 8 oz / day +/- ).

Alex called and confirmed our appt for July 2nd. We will be signing the consent for the PEG placement. We cannot continue to abuse her this way, re-inserting the tube every few days. Its just not possible. I say " abuse " but I know we are helping her. Its very emotional though.

Re-insertion workds like this.

Gather supplies, hopefully out of sight.
Heart cries a little when small one sees the tube and begins to cry.
Fill a bottle with 2 inches of cold water.
Dunk the first 12 cms of tube in cold water.
Attach syringe ( 10 ml empty ) to one port.
Cut 1 tegaderm in 2, cut 1 duoderm to 1" by 3".

Lay down a blanket, drag small one from under the table while she cries " no! no! "
Swaddle her on blanket with arms trapped.
Force head back, apply Cavilon & duoderm
Put NG in
Cover with tape.
Check placement.

Cry as child refuses to be comforted by you since you just tortured her.

I don't need sympathetic emails over this. Honestly, its a part of our life. But thats what it is - torturing her for her own good. And now that she's stopped eating at all orally ( its 12:09 and she's had... 1 oz ), we'll restart dayfeeds during nap & lunch/dinner where possible.

More later.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Meal Plan Monday

A day early to get in on the linktastic over at another site. I'll post it here when I've seen that I'm up.

Sunday - Flank Steak with Roasted Potatoes & Onions, Glazed Carrots, and Salad.
( 3 points for steak, 3 points for potatoes, 3 points for carrots, 1 point for salad dressing ) Total for dinner : 10 points

Monday - Chicken Enchilada's with refried beans, rice, and mexican corn.
( 3 points for tortilla, 2 points for chicken, 1 point for RF beans, 2 points for cheese, 1 point for corn, 3 points for rice )Total for dinner : 12 points

Tuesday - Pasta with Meat Sauce, Sourdough Garlic bread, Salad ( 3 points for pasta, 1 point for sauce, 1 point for bread, 2 points for butter, 1 point for salad dressing )Total for dinner : 8 points

Wednesday - Bean & Cheese Quesadillas with Rice & Salad ( 3 points for tortilla, 1 point for beans, 1 point for cheese, 3 points for rice, 1 point for salad dressing )Total for dinner : 9 points

Thursday - Grilled Cheese, Soup, Salad ( 3 points for bread, 1 for cheese, 1 for butter, 3 points for soup, 1 point for salad dressing )Total for dinner : 9 points

Friday - Crispy Oven Chicken, Noodles, Broccoli with Cheese ( 4 points for chicken, 3 points for noodles, 2 points for cheese )Total for dinner : 9 points

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Dad - This is for you.

Just another ordinary day....

Just the regular here.

In the past few days, I've sewn : coffee cozies, purple dragonfly dress, retro with creamy lace ( no pictures yet, the recipient hasn't worn it ), a kimono t shirt ( so cute, pics to come ), and a pink peasant shirt with black stitching. She's wearing that right now. Terribly happy with it, as this is the first one that doesn't look like a potato sack.

Upcoming sewing projects - flannel strap cozies for her carseat, bib & bootie set for a new mama, a coffee cozy to match a baby carrier I made, and ( hopefully ) a few diaper / wipes cases.

Mila continues to do well. The Metoprolol side effects have lessened and she no longer looks like a zombie after taking her meds. She is eating around 500 ml a day - sometimes more, sometimes less. She's currently tubey free since her ports were leaking. I guess today will be a good day to see how she does with her meds orally. Not exactly looking forward to it. Her vaccinations are on Monday at 8:40. We have no other appointments scheduled yet, but the home health nurse will be coming at some point.

Robby is growing up so fast. Compared to other children his age, he's very mature. Even if he's persistently occasionally naughty. He had his camp orientation a day or so ago. What a dismal failure. No one but Robby and his friend Cian showed up! Irregardless, he did meet some of the people who will be his counselors, and I confirmed where and when to bring him ( to the gym at 8:45 ) and what he should pack for lunch ( strictly peanut free ). No lunches can be heated up. I'm thinking cream cheese sandwhiches, tuna crackers, turkey if he'll eat it etc. Snacks will be applesauce, yogurt tubes ( gosh how I love those ), homemade jello, crackers, craisens, etc. Even our granola bars are peanut free.

Nothing much is going on other than that. I'm thrilled right to death to be able to sew so much right now. I'm feeling very relaxed. Very very relaxed.

As I wrote this, both kids attacked the toybins and liberally spread them throughout the house.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Rennaisance Faire... I mean... Wedding Pictures!

Sorry if they are blurry... My camera was dying!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sooooo tired!

The trip is over. It was fun for the most part. I am exhausted. Expect pictures later today~

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Yesterday, I saw Mila sitting quietly watching TV. No dancing, no squirming... I looked over again and she was out cold, sitting up.

Robby thought she was cute, so he kissed her. Then he changed the channel.

$15 dollars! 1 yard of apron fabric ( black and pink flowers ), 1 yard of stretchy pink stuff, 1 yard of black flannel with glow in the dark bears, 1 yard of chinese print, 3/4 yard sports print, 1 yard of flannel roses & hearts, 1/2 yard fall print, and 3/4 yard of pink flannel plaid.... Plus 4 hanks of elastic and three 6" zippers!

Meet our newest addition to the family! We got tired of lugging huge flats of water up to the apartment, and the extra $3 in eviro fees, and the huge amounts of waste... So we bought a water cooler and reusable bottles.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Rundown on the Baskets

Meep, you are *so* right. I am a basketcase. And that's okay.

The first shot is the pantry. Two baskets and a cardboard tray. Its helpful to be able to flip things around to find in a slightly too deep & tall pantry.

The shoe basket is fairly obvious.

Mila's baskets are green with a purple ribbon. They will also have purple liners when I get around to making them.

I need some new makeup and a new way to store it. The pink basket holds our toothbrushes & toothpaste.

Robby not only has multi colored baskets ( they go on sale every year at Stupid Store for a dollar. This year again I will be stocking up ) but he has a white Ikea hanging thing. Obviously... it needs more baskets in it to corral things appropriately.

On top of the entertainment center is a portable diaper changing station. The only thing it really needs is a changing mat for those really nasty diapers. Already in there : diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, and spray diaper cream. If you don't have spray diaper cream... get some!

Toy bins and block baskets. Easy to corrall the toys that *must* stay downstairs. I'd love to have no toys downstairs, but its not exactly possible. Alright... its not possible *at all*. So... once or twice a day, I scoop everything into the bins and I feel better about it.

The tiny white baskets hold syringes usually. We are a bit out of syringes at the moment - they are all sitting in a bowl in the sink waiting to be washed. That's on my to do list today.

On top of the microwave are two green baskets. One holds Robby's reusable juice boxes and the lids & straws. The other holds Mila's bottles & sippy cups, with a smaller basket inside holding rings & silicone nipples. This is my solution for never being able to find the right top for anything. Its working really, really well!!!

And um... I'm going to the dollar store today for more baskets... The wash clothes / towels next to the sink need a basket, and Robby's hanging thingy needs some.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


More Pictures

Roasted Red Pepper & White Bean Dip. It was pretty darn spicy, but she loved it. Too bad she broke out into a rash after we gave it to her - anywhere it touched her!

Chocolate. Yum.

Monday, June 2, 2008


Just wanted to get my Monday Meal Plan in...

Sunday : Cornflake Chicken with Rice & Salad
Monday : Pasta with Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Sauce with Spicy Italian Sausage, Garlic Bread, Salad
Tuesday : Chicken Stir Fry ( Broccoli, Peppers, Carrots, Onion, Teriyaki Sauce )
Wednesday : Quesadillas ( Alex will eat when he gets home )
Thursday : Tuna Salad
Friday - Monday: Away At WEdding!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Wellllll... huh.

We had company last night and they had a sleepover. It was tonnes of fun! I've let themknow they are welcome anytime - we never got the the scrabble game we've been looking forward too... we are so lame that scrabble is fun for us. Who woulda though ten years ago that scrabble would be one of my favorite things to do?

Tonight, we had the inlaws over for dinner. Much fun and good food was had by all. ( Next time, I will add more salt to the chicken. I don't know why it was so bland tonight. The rice, on the other hand, was perfect. For once. ) After dinner, an expensive fruit and custard tart was brought out. Since it was covered in strawberries, I declined to eat it, and grabbed a 100 calorie pack of cookies instead.

My mother in law asked for one. Robby asked for one. Mila asked for one. Robby asked for another. So did Mila. Robby grabbed a handful. Well then, fine. Every time I went to take a bite, either Robby or Mila demanded to have it! I think I got two tiny cookies out of the whole bag. I told my MIL that I would call it 50 calories instead. Just then Robby came over and took the last one!

Fine. I took a 1 point chocolate stick. First Robby demanded a piece, much to everyone's delight. Then Mila demanded a piece ( which she thoroughly enjoyed... ). I got one tiny bite of that. Everyone was rolling on the floor. Poor me! I finished my coffee and decided they were trying to tell me I wasn't staying OP. ( Sausage and fries for lunch! Pancakes for breakfast! I can't imagine why I'm not OP. )

Everything else is status. The house is looking great, so its likely I'll be taking pictures of that soon!!! Oh, and I need two pretty baskets for my bathroom counter. MORE BASKETS!

How to be Thankful...

Yesterday, Mila came so close to eating her entire daily calorie needs.

I am so grateful that she's making progress.

We were able to pull her tube for her comfort overnight, before it leaked, and before her cheek was too damaged.

I am so grateful that she's sleeping again.

My friend Chrystil ( who was my one Canadian friend for a very long time ) is moving near Edmonton.

I am so grateful to have like minded friends nearby.

Her hubby helped Alex and our neighbor move the washer and dryer.

I am so grateful to be surrounded by strong and generous men.

Robby snuggled with me last night, and told me he loved his new room.

I am so grateful for a son who adapts easily, speaks his mind, and is generally happy.

I snapped at Alex when it got so late that I was falling asleep. He just laughed and put me to bed.

I am so grateful for a husband with both a sense of humor, and a huge heart.

I could go on and on. I am feeling so happy these days, and the sense of being overwhelmed is fading. Mila's issues could easily crush a family - she was dying and grief rips aparts your heart in ways no one can understand. For a long tiem after surgery, I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. What would be next? What emergency would come next? Would the mitral valve give way? Would the repair narrow? Would her GI issues be so bad that it interfered ( more ) with her growth? Would she be developmentally delayed? Would her personality suffer?

Maybe its the extra sunlight. It was light till after 11, and the sunshine began just before 4am.

That's when Mila got up :-)