Saturday, June 21, 2008

I'm not whining.

I'm not whining. Really, I'm not. ( Maybe a little? )

Thanks for all the encouragement. Bloggyland is the best for stuff like that.

The last two nights, M has slept till 9am. 9am! Neither day she had a nap and today looks like she's gearing up for a third day. Its too bad - she REALLY needs a nap still and she gets drunk by the end of the day, staggering around, cranky as heck. Its sad to see that she's soooo tired she can't even walk straight.

Robby spent last night at Sophia's, but MAN was he ready to go the park today! It was sooo nice, well above the forcast for today ( 29 instead of 26 ). They had such a good time. These pictures are from last time, though I'll probably upload the ones from today later tonight.

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