Saturday, May 31, 2008

Move is allllllll done! And organizing!

Now to unpack.

A super huge thank you to Kristin, who came over to help me clean last night. Who the heck wants to clean bathrooms? But that's exactly what she did. Toilet brush in hand, blue ducky pjs, Kristin conquered the bathroom in record time. So... thanks. You rock!

Most of you know I do the flylady thing ( ) but I do it my own way. One of the biggest issues I have is really silly. Things don't have a home. My mom figured out ( at the old place ) to use the microwave ( which was broken and of which we had two ) to store tupperware, sippy cups, etc. Duh. Why did I think of that? It drives me bonkers when the pantry is stuffed but I can't find anything because its all stacked on top of each other. I found two bottles of relish... waaaaaaaaaaay back. How'd I find them? By shoving a third bottle back there. ( Ooops! )

My goal now is to start organizing things so that people can find them even if they aren't 100% familiar with the house. Keep watching for baskets galore!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I hate moving.

We'll just leave it at that.... I hate moving.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Meal Planning Monday

Monday -

Breakfast : Cereal
Lunch : 1/2 Tandoori Chicken Sandwich, Mini Salad
Dinner : Curry & Lentil Veggie Patty, Refried Beans, Rice, Broccoli with Cheese

Tuesday -

Breakfast : Cereal
Lunch : Hummus & Toast, Mini Salad
Dinner : Beef Soup with Sourdough

Wednesday -

Breakfast : Cereal
Lunch : 1/2 Tuna Sandwich, Tomato soup
Dinner : 4 perogies, broccoli with cheese, Salad

Thursday :

Breakfast : Pancakes
Lunch : Hummus & Toast, Salad with Turkey
Dinner : Probably Pizza

That's all... Alex isn't here so it's all super simple stuff.


Our official move date is May 29.

Alex is gone till May 28.

I'm mooooving, and the piles of stuff in the new apartment is growing exponentially. The coffee tables, the contents of the pantry, piles of fabric and toys... its already there. My goal is to have almost all the little stuff moved by the time Alex gets back so that we can *really* concentrate on moving the big stuff when Thursday rolls around. We've got a hydraulic dolly, which will make moving the TV a heck of a lot easier. I guess the biggest issue right now is the dresser. And that sucker is HEAVY. I hope the four of us ( Alex, myself, Boris, and Uncle Mikey ) can move it without damaging anything.

There is lots of stuff I *could* move, but that I probably won't : the dining room table ( because we won't have anything to eat on, the dining room chairs, the living room chair, the upstairs nightstands, robby's bed, pieces of M's crib, etc. Things I hope to move today : towels, clothes, extra dishes, closet contents, the remainer of the toys, plastic dressers. Possibilities : boxes from storage.

Mila seems to be eating a touch better on the Motilium. At least, she did for two days and the last two days, not so much. We'll take what we can get though and not complain. She still won't take her meds by mouth ( a requirement for being tubey free ) so we haven't made any progress there. She will eat cheese all by herself. She growls for granola bars, and likes spicy rice. Hummus is a lickable, as is ketchup. She will munch on turkey but its losing her interest now.

Robby is a huge help. I'll have to grab some pictures of him moving things. Oh, and he discovered a life size Aurora ( sleeping beauty ) disney doll and heck if he hasn't taken to callling it his wife. " Mommy, can my wife sleep in my bed? " Sure honey. " Mommy, can my wife help us move? " Um... I'm not sure her arms are made for that. She's a delicate thing. Why don't you lay her down for a rest? "Mom can I take my wife to the grocery store? " I think thats enough, Robby. Put the dolly down. " Mommy she is my WIFE and she goes where *I* go! "

I am so in for it now.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Oooh Baby!

This morning, the scale told me something. No, it didn't yell " GET OFF OF ME, YOU FAT LADY!"

It very quietly and demurely said 168 / 169. I am fairly sure that it said 168 when I was standing straight. Bent over, it said 169. Its not my " official weigh in " day, but its pretty darn exciting!

Obviously, as this was my goal by June 7, I will have to choose a new goal. My new goal is 165. To accomplish this, I am going to try to drop a point because I've dropped a weight class. Perfectly reasonable, I assure you. After June 7, my goal will be 158 ( 10% ) by July 1.

I am finding its not terribly hard right now to stick to my points... I gave myself 30 instead of 29, and I have an extra 35 points to sprinkle here and there as I see fit. I don't actually use them, but I do not kick myself for going a few points over for the day as I often do. I also would be earning active points, but I haven't used those either.

The kids are doing great. I won't go into details about the GI visit, but it went well.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Oh dear....

Meet my... daughter? Roberta!

Monday, May 19, 2008

More Pictures

You know how I love sleep pictures!

The wind flipped her hat up and I think it looks just like an old timey bonnet. She's SO CUTE!

Do you think he's giving her ideas?

Today sucked for points. Tomorrow, I must eat only salad. HAHAHA.

Upcoming Appointments, Updates, And the dreaded WEIGH IN

Monday is going to be weigh in day. I dread Mondays, suddenly.

This morning, the scale said 175. This is my highest reading ever. I am soooo sad, but I can overcome this. My goal is to be in the 160's by Rachel's wedding in three weeks. I need to lose 2 pounds a week to do this. I can do this. I CAN DO THIS! ( I may need to throw ALL the junk food away! ) I am hoping to take the kids for a walk every single day. Unless its raining. Or snowing.

Upcoming Appointments :

Monday : None ( HOw'd that happen? )

Tuesday : Costumer for Dress ( Rachel's Wedding )

Wednesday : GI Appointment- 3:00pm

Thursday : None ( Two days off? Who did scheduling this week??? )

Friday : Home Health Nurse -2:00pm

Meal Plan Monday

Here we go for this week :

Monday - Shepard's Pie ( Ground beef with onion & garlic, topped with corn, topped with mashed potatoes, served with salad ) Estimated points : Beef ( 4 ) Corn ( 1 ) Potatoes ( 2 ) Salad ( 0 ) Dressing ( 1 ) Total 8 points for a small serving of pie and a large salad

Tuesday - Italian Marinated Chicken with Stuffed Peppers ( peppers stuffed with rice, cheese, spices, carrot and pepper bits, also served with salad. Robby will have baby carrots with dip, and chicken ) Estimated Points : Chicken ( 3 ) Marinade ( 1 ) Pepper ( 0 ) Rice ( 3 ) Spices ( 0 ) Carrots ( 0 ) * Pepper ( 0 ), Salad ( 0 ) Dressing ( 1 ) Total : 8 points for 1 chicken breast, 1 stuffed pepper, and a large salad. * Carrots are 1 point per cup, I will be using less than half of that per pepper.

Wednesday - Sloppy Joes & Mac N Cheese ( Extra Lean Ground Beef with Sloppy Joe Sauce, Mac N Cheese, served with salad ) Alex isn't home for this, so he'll be heating it up or I'll deliver it. Estimated Points : Lean Ground Beef ( 4 ) Sloppy Joe Sauce ( 1 ) Mac N Cheese ( 5 ) Salad ( 0 ) Dressing ( 1 ) Total 10 *** I will really, really need to watch my portion size with this meal! 1 full cup of mac n cheese is 9 points - more than I want to spend on my dinner.

Thursday - Chicken & Pasta ( Bite sized bits of chicken cooked in tomato sauce, served over pasta. I might get all fancy fancy and bake it all up in the oven. Served With Salad ) Alex isn't home for this one either, but I'm sure he'll eat it when he gets home. Estimated Points : Chicken ( 3 ) Pasta ( 3 ) Sauce ( 2 ) Salad ( 0 ) Dressing ( 1 ) Total : 9 points

Friday - Sausage & Peppers ( Lean Turkey Sausage, Red & Yellow Peppers, Potatoes, Carrots, probably over rice, served with Salad ) Turkey Sausage ( 4 ) Beef Sausage ( 8 ) Peppers ( 0 ) Carrots ( 1 ) Rice ( 3 ) Potato ( 1 ) Salad ( 0 ) Dressing ( 1 ) Total : With Turkey 10 points, With beef 14 points. I hope I can find lean turkey sausage here. Its hard to get sometimes! If I can't find the turkey, I may skip the rice for 3 points.

Saturday - Free Night Either we'll order in, do catch as you can, or I'll figure it out later.

Sunday - I think its the inlaws turn.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunshine-y Days

I'm running away! I'm running away! ( Don't you just LOVE the leg warmers???? The protect her knees from the ground when she topples over at full speed. )
Remember this, Mom? I can do this!


Mila wins! Take THAT, big brother who cannot fight back!

Let's Go Play

Too cute for words, baby. Tooo cute for words.

Hi Mom! Get out of the way! I'm coming down!

Mom! She won't move! Can I help her? Please?

She did want to do it again after this....


About a month ago, we met with the GI who told us that it was very unlikely that Mila had reflux based on a test from a year ago. He told us to have her come off of the Zantac ( cold turkey, no less ) because we shouldn't have her on anti reflux meds if she did not have reflux.

That was the last night she slept through the night. The very next night, she started screaming and arching in her sleep. We had pediatrician visits. We called cardiology.We had emergency echocardiograms. We had a coronary angiogram complete with sedation and intubation.

No one could find anything wrong.

Then Mila stopped tolerating her night feeds. Late into the night, she'd be so hysterical that we'd have to stop her feed and untangle her so that she could be brought downstairs and comforted. She started losing weight. I called the GI. I called home nutrition. Mila's home nurse came and went, concerned that she was too thin - again. A unilateral decision was made that we would take her off night feeds for a day or two, and restart the Zantac, then restart the night feeds.

She's slept through the night twice in two days.

Take that, doctor. I'm coming in on Wednesday, and I'm coming in hot. I'm angry. I told you we thought she had reflux and you disagreed. I told you I wanted the test redone and you refused. I didn't want to take her off the Zantac, and you push.

And my baby suffered for three weeks because you said it was just a feeding aversion.

You and I are going to have words, doctor. And mine will not be those of a doctor fearing, uneducated over-reacting mother. I kept my daughter alive and reasonably healthy for eleven months when she had only a 10% chance of survival. I sat with her for nights of screaming. I carried her through days that are blurred from lack of sleep. I cried when she cried, and I pushed. I pushed the doctors, even when they said *I* was the problem. I pushed them when they said " Its just her personality. " I pushed them when they sent us home, when they tried to send us home to wait for surgery, I pushed them when she came back with fever.

I'm going to push you, too.

Friday, May 16, 2008

More Pictures

Sorry... no Robby photos today because he stayed with Sophia overnight for Mila's test. I will do a wordy update later tonight.

Isn't my new carrier FABULOUS!?!? Ignore the expressions... my camera HOWLS apparently, while it counts down to a timer shot. I kid you not.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


He Said, She Said, and What They Ate

Summer is coming.

There are bitty green leaves on the trees. Someone was planting flowers, delicate droopy drips of color against the mottled green and tan grass. There has been no snow.

In preparation for summer, its time to start logging those points again. While I " technically " have just 26 points, I'm giving myself 30 to start with. And I didn't do too badly yesterday!

Coffee - 4 points
Raisin Bran - 3
1/4 cup Milk - .5
2 Tb Hummus - 2
4 Melba Toast - 1
Tuna - 1
Mayo- .5
Special K bar - 2
Beef & Broc - 4
Rice - 4
Cookie - 3
Cookies - 2
PB&J - 5
Total - 30

I was pretty hungry at night or I might have stopped at 25. I will try to stay under 30 today, though I'm not killing myself over it.

Last night, we put M back on the Zantac. I have to have a peek at the bottle and see if I should pick her up a new RX and a fresh bottle. I can't wait to see what she weighs today! Her night last night was exactly the same, though she was slightly easier to soothe than normal. Oh... wait... thats because I was done and dumped her in my bed. Oops!

A call to the GI yesterday did NOTHING. We are moving M back to daytime feeds to see if that helps the cough. Mila barely coughed at all this morning, though she did wake up pretty darn wet. So much for no reflux.... Oh wait... she doesn't have reflux. I must be imagining it! Dammnit, I imagine the STRANGEST things!

I can't wait to have Robby in daycamp. He had a blast at the park yesterday, so we might go again this afternoon, and almost surely will go tomorrow. If I make it over to WallyWorld today to get M and I bathing suits, I might take him swimming too. Its supposed to be over +20 today!!! YAY for being warm! I think I even got color yesterday walking to the park. ( Thanks Kristin for dragging meout of the house, I NEEDED that!!! )

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Monday Meal Planning

I missed the weekly deadline at, but I thought I'd post my prospective meal plan anyway :

Monday : Parmesean Crusted Chicken, Bowtie Pasta & Salad
( Robby ate every bite given to him - SALAD FIRST!! )

Tuesday : Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup
Baby Carrots w/ Ranch Dip

Wednesday : Beef & Broccoli Stir Fry
White Rice
( Beef, Broccoli, Carrots, Onions, Peppers )
( We'll deliver for Alex, or he'll eat when he gets home. )

Thursday : Quesadillas ( Cheese & Bean )
Mexican Corn
( Alex will eat at work )

Friday : Barbeque Basted Chicken
Roasted Potatoes
Green Beans

Monday, May 12, 2008

Updates and Upcoming

Mila's angiogram went quite well. The walls of the left ventrical are showing improved function. The mitral valve reflux is " quite mild " while she is sedated. ( This may or may not be an issue while she is awake. If she is moving around, it may still be moderate. ). The apex ( bottom ) of the LV shows an infarct. This has been there since her heart surgery, and is probably a sign of an old heart attack. The coronary arteries are " wide open " and aren't causing any issues or showing any sign of stenosis or narrowing. HOOORAY!

The big deal right now is that while under, Mila's lungs required lots of suctioning down the endotracheal tube. This is unusual for a cardiac cath. The cardiologist mentioned it and said I should speak to the ped about it. Fifteen minutes later, the anesthestitists came out to say the same, with stronger words about it either being pnuemonia that was NOT showing on the xray, or cumulation of aspiration.

I called the ped, who thinks it is likely aspiration from reflux. The ped called GI, who said " Well, but she doesn't HAVE reflux. " Mila DID have dysphagia which we assumed - perhaps incorrectly - had resolved. This could be the issue with aspiration as well.

I'm annoyed. Either way, the coughing that has been hanging around is worse the last few days, so I'll be calling the ped today. I have some tests that I want scheduled - the PH probe needs to be redone, she needs another swallowing study done, and I think she ought to have a bronchoscopy as well to determine what EXACTLY is in her lungs that they had to suction.

Mila also has her gastric emptying scan this friday and a home nurse visit on thursday. Its gearing up to be quite the week!

Alex and I have decided to put Robby in a differant summer camp this year. For slightly less than last year's camp, the YMCA keeps them an hour longer, has swimming lessons, field trips, and a playground. Hopefully, this will be Robby's niche and we will enroll him for school there next year. He desperately needs some group activities. We are looking into karate for him as well. HiiiiYah!

The move is upcoming as well. Hopefully the movers will say " yes " to helping us ( they don't normally work that day ) and we can get everything moved in a few hours. If the people vacate early, I will start bringing the little stuff over - boxes from storage, dishes, small appliances, anything on a hanger or a shelf, etc. My goal is to have Robby's room ( minus the bed ) set up in the new house before we start moving so that he & M can hang out in there for a bit. M's crib is huge and has to be dismantled to be moved, so it's likely one of the very last things that will be moved.

Oh, and I got a serger. I did happy dances. I loved it and I was so excited.

And then it came unthreaded. M(*&$ F*(&$er!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

10 Things I Learned From My Mother

1. The Joy Of Cooking - This book has just about everything you will ever need to cook big meals. Meatloaf? Check. Honey Cake? Check. Flank Steak? Check. Chili? Check.

2. Driving the Big Green Van - My mom taught me to drive with this HUGE green Dodge Caravan. Its the reason I learned to parallel park. I am fairly sure that I could parallel park a semi in a doorway. My mom's ability to parallel park exceeds my own. She's THAT good!
3. Hire a Cleaning Lady. We had one growing up, forever. It didn't teach me great housekeeping skills, but it DID teach me about priorities.

4. Pancakes are for Saturdays. Growing up, my mom make pancakes ( From Bisquick ) every Saturday. With my own kids, we still have pancakes on Saturday. ( And I still use Bisquick! )

5. Family dinner time. We had family dinner time every single night. My family still eats dinner every night that we are home together. There is no tv during meals. Everybody sits until everyone is done. Its a great time to bond, and its very rare that families can or will make this a priority.

6. You have to moo at cows. I learned this during a trip to Hershey with my mom. It was hysterical. My son finds it hysterical when I do this now... Have I mentioned that Alberta is cow country?

7. Don't be afraid to switch careers. My mom has had lots of jobs. Some successful. Some not. I've always admired her commitment to whatever it was she decided to do. At 50+, Mom decided to fulfill her dreams and become a teacher. Even though it wasn't her favorite job, holy cow! HOw many people could DO that???

8. Some people are directionally challenged. There is no help for them. My mom and I are kindred souls in this aspect. I find nothing unusual with making two or three uturns per car trip. Even to the grocery store. Its normal for me to go the same way I always go - even if there is a faster way - because this is the way I know. And I am terribly irritated at those who are NOT directionally challenged. ( Hi Dad! )

9. Make too much food for company. My mom cooks for an army. So do I. Plan it all out, cook 50 dishes, and ignore those who tease you about it or tell you to make it all simple. The answer is no. We like it this way!!!

10. Being a mom isn't easy. My mom has always been forthcoming about her difficulties with us children at certain stages. I think my mom was amazing, so I appreciate when she doesn't act like it was no big deal for her. I appreciate hearing about first time mistakes. Now that I have my own children, I understand, and I sympathize. I don't know how she did the things she did - juggling three children, full time work, cooking dinner. Etc.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Action Shots!

Sewing & Cardiac Updates

I've officially sewn two dresses for M for this summer. As she gets older, I can rip the straps out and make them into tops for her ! I am really, really totally stoked about them! The first is a cosmic purple ( oh how I love her in purple ), shirred with elastic thread, with decorative stitched straps. It looks SOOOO cute on her! I will try to update with action shots tomorrow. If the weather holds, she may wear it with tights & a tshirt.

The second is exactly the same style ( so easy, so fast! Perfect for night projects.. ). The fabric is a black background with rectangles in a few different colors. Rather than make just plain straps, I braided ribbon and used the braids as straps. Also, very very cute!
On the medical front, I recieved a call from cardiology that M's angiogram would be this thursday, and that Wednesday, we would need to come in for a few hours for a pre-op pre-admin clinic. I am not looking forward to it - I expect her to have blood drawn, be checked out by a nurse, probably an EKG and / or an echo, plus blood pressures, etc. We will also learn the time of the angiogram itself - sometime after 6am Thursday. If all could spare a prayer, we'd appreciate it!