Monday, May 12, 2008

Updates and Upcoming

Mila's angiogram went quite well. The walls of the left ventrical are showing improved function. The mitral valve reflux is " quite mild " while she is sedated. ( This may or may not be an issue while she is awake. If she is moving around, it may still be moderate. ). The apex ( bottom ) of the LV shows an infarct. This has been there since her heart surgery, and is probably a sign of an old heart attack. The coronary arteries are " wide open " and aren't causing any issues or showing any sign of stenosis or narrowing. HOOORAY!

The big deal right now is that while under, Mila's lungs required lots of suctioning down the endotracheal tube. This is unusual for a cardiac cath. The cardiologist mentioned it and said I should speak to the ped about it. Fifteen minutes later, the anesthestitists came out to say the same, with stronger words about it either being pnuemonia that was NOT showing on the xray, or cumulation of aspiration.

I called the ped, who thinks it is likely aspiration from reflux. The ped called GI, who said " Well, but she doesn't HAVE reflux. " Mila DID have dysphagia which we assumed - perhaps incorrectly - had resolved. This could be the issue with aspiration as well.

I'm annoyed. Either way, the coughing that has been hanging around is worse the last few days, so I'll be calling the ped today. I have some tests that I want scheduled - the PH probe needs to be redone, she needs another swallowing study done, and I think she ought to have a bronchoscopy as well to determine what EXACTLY is in her lungs that they had to suction.

Mila also has her gastric emptying scan this friday and a home nurse visit on thursday. Its gearing up to be quite the week!

Alex and I have decided to put Robby in a differant summer camp this year. For slightly less than last year's camp, the YMCA keeps them an hour longer, has swimming lessons, field trips, and a playground. Hopefully, this will be Robby's niche and we will enroll him for school there next year. He desperately needs some group activities. We are looking into karate for him as well. HiiiiYah!

The move is upcoming as well. Hopefully the movers will say " yes " to helping us ( they don't normally work that day ) and we can get everything moved in a few hours. If the people vacate early, I will start bringing the little stuff over - boxes from storage, dishes, small appliances, anything on a hanger or a shelf, etc. My goal is to have Robby's room ( minus the bed ) set up in the new house before we start moving so that he & M can hang out in there for a bit. M's crib is huge and has to be dismantled to be moved, so it's likely one of the very last things that will be moved.

Oh, and I got a serger. I did happy dances. I loved it and I was so excited.

And then it came unthreaded. M(*&$ F*(&$er!

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