Saturday, August 30, 2008

Before & After

To my (ex) neighbors

Dear (ex) neighbors -

It was not enought that your pot smoke filled the hallway and my house everytime the doors were open. It was not enough that I caught you smoking weed in your car when you almost killed my son. It was NOT ENOUGH, do you hear me, IT WAS NOT ENOUGH that you had a fight in the parking lot and we had to deal with over an hour of sirens all night long earlier this month. It was NOT ENOUGH, NOT ENOUGH that the fallout from this fight was my having to open the door wearing boxers and a tshirt, with no bra, several times. Once, it was the police! Once, it was my landlord wearing an Armani suit and blue suede shoes. That couldn't be enough for you? Oh, and how many times did you buzz my apartment to let you in? Not enough, you say?

Well... its obvious you got evicted. And by the hurried, all night long manner you moved in, I'm guessing you skipped out rather than pay damage deposit.

But was it NECESSARY to move out at midnight? The constant banging down the stairs drove DD crazy, who, in turn, woke up Mila.


I am soooo tired.

Friday, August 29, 2008


Unnies, Accidents, and the never ending job.

How to shrink underwear on purpose :
1) Buy the cheapest 90% cotton underwear in the smallest possible size. I used 2/3 by George at Walmart.
2) Wash on HOT with a load of non shrinkables. I used towels cause they've been washed so much they aren't going to shrink. Make sure it is the LONGEST possible cycle.
3) Dry on HOT. I used the 2 hour manual setting.

Size 2/3 undies became size 12-18 months. PERFECT for Mila.

Now, of course, begins the joy that is underwear. I only bought 5 pairs. I shrank all of them. This morning I dug the first pair out of the dryer and handed it to Mila.

Her eyes widened. She gasped. And then she yelled " UNNIES! "

She did have her first accident today. I think she forgot she was wearing unnies and thought she was wearing a diaper, and she peed on the floor. Big deal. One accident in three days? Heck, she's even waking up dry. At this rate, she'll be panty trained by next week!

Except, of course, that she fell asleep for nap wearing unnies and not a diaper. I'm sure I'll have another load of laundry to do.

Laundry is the never ending job. I can do laundry every day, and with only a few exceptions, I do! My good friend Meep and I do " 15's " and one or two, invariably, is tackling Mount Washmore. Just like dishes, four outfits, two towels, two kitchen towels and somebody's sheets is quite literally an entire load. * Could * I wait two days and have one big, slightly overstuffed load? Yes. But then I would be a day behind, and without fail, that would be the day that M's feed leaks, the dog pees on the bed, and I have a kitchen explosion. And then I'd have four loads instead of one.

Even the kids help me with laundry. ( Alex does not. If I ask alex to switch the laundry, he moves the wet clothes into the dryer and thats it. He will not start a new load. ) Robby brings me his empty hangers and puts full hangers into his closet. He also puts away his pants and underoo's.

Mila helps by unfolding laundry at a rate slightly faster than I can fold. She is also VERY good at pressing the dryer start button, and " fixing" the clothes in the dryer : I put them in but let one or two fall out or hang over the edge. It keeps the peace.

Now.. folding laundry is difficult. Mila unfolds. Robby can't fold. Alex doesn't even know what folding IS. I fold laundry on the bed. That means the bed has to get made. Well, if I'm going to make MY bed, I might as well make the kids beds. And if I'm making the kids beds, is it really so hard to put a few toys away? nah.... And while I'm bringing the kitchen towels down, I end up straightening up the ktichen since I'm in there.

Huh. No wonder the laundry takes me so long.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A day in the life...

Pancake Morning - Bisquick with Chocolate Chips
Lets make a HUGE MESS! Can you find baby? ( Mila is cropped mostly out because she was naked )
Making a pee with baby.

How to keep your 18 month old warm while she pt's....

Another surgery

Unfortunetly, milas's "baby" has suffered from FTT and we had to schedule her gtube insertion. It was done this morning with no complications and Baby is resting comfortably.
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Its noon and we've not had a single accident or wet diaper since last night!!!

I bought some tiny size two undies at wally world and I'm going to try to shrink the heck out of them so she fits... Also going to bring down some TP to teach her to wipe.

At 18 months old... I'm astounded!!
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First mobile photo

Does this work?
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Post by email

If this works.. Be aware, loyal readers... There will be post increases and mobile instant photos.
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Potty Predicament

Mila is potty trained, apparently.

Not training per se, but trained.

What else do you call it when she's been diaper free for several hours and hasn't had a single accident? At 18 months old? Pee, AND poo, mind you, both in the potty.

Where the heck does one buy size 1 undies? I don't even have a pattern that goes that small!!!!

Yesterday, Mila started asking for potty when her diaper was on, and held it during dinner. She peed the moment we put her down. I am so proud its DISGUSTING.

Of course, it wasn't so cool yesterday when she peed, grabbed the potty, and dumped it over her head like Robby was doing with his potty.

That's right, we've now got THREE potties - a pink, a white, and a red. One for Sophia's house, one for our house, and one for the car. I don't expect Mila to sit on a regular toilet for quite a bit yet, but I don't think she'd be upset if I put her on the potty while she was in the car ( probably in the trunk area or the floor of the front seat ). I'm so stinking thrilled its not funny.

And I am quite sure... I've just jinxed the hell outta myself.

Mila also has a GI appointment today, so keep us in your thoughts!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

More Pictures

More Pictures

Pictures from the Party

Robby helps Best Buddy Julian with his party hat. Serious buisness, indeed!
A picture captured of Mila WEARING the party hat. It lasted for all of .4 seconds, a new world record!
Robby and BB Julian.
My cutey pie. And thats soda in the cup holder, not beer.
Oh so cute Ms. Mila, whose leg warmers refused to stay up!

The end of summer...

I find myself only slightly sad that summer is over. The hot days, the extra sunshine... I know, early on into fall, that its slipping away. It is getting dark earlier, and staying dark later in the morning. The children require a sweatshirt or long sleeves more often, and I find that I'm reaching for one myself for the dog's nightly walk.

But my sadness is not about the sunshine, the chill in the air, or even the impending doom of snow. No, it is that Robby is 20 days short of kindergarten age, and I will be stuck with him. ALL WINTER.

I am quickly arranging playdates and outings. Once a week to the indoor playground will run me $16 dollars, but its well worth it for two hours of play, followed by a nap. Another, much smaller, indoor playground will run me just $4, and I can sit on my blackberry while the children play unhindered by my watching eyes.

But still... with the weather getting cooler, I know, Oh, do I know, that summer is ending and the snow is soon to arrive. Will it be snowing by Halloween? Thanksgiving? Should I be sewing snowsuit costumes? Should I be stocking up on playdough and paint? Movies? Hot chocolate and extra socks?

But yet, summer isn't quite over. Not... quite.

Friday, August 22, 2008

All Around Updates

Mommy : Needs more coffee. Needs more sleep. May need both in alternating doses in order to function. Laundry is nearly caught up, dishes are all caught up, and a delicious smelling dinner is cooking away in the slow cooker. It smells so good that I am STARVING TO DEATH. Lunch will be refried beans with cheese & taco sauce, rolled up in a burrito. There may even be ONIONS.

Robby : Is on his last day of camp. The last day of swimming was cancelled because the pool was broken. Cheap shot to the poor kids. They did go to safeway instead, and got cookies, apples, and apple juice. I don't think he made any real friends at camp that will carry over to the year. We are researching playschool for him. And I think he's going through a growth spurt because he's eating me out of house and home. ( Cheese Mommy? Crackers? Can I have a pudding? Applesauce? Cereal? Waffle? Two waffles! )

Alex : Work sucks. Ori's wedding is coming up and although Alex is looking forward to going to his buddies wedding, I don't think he is looking forward to this trip AT ALL.

Mila : 21 pounds, 13 oz. FAT BABY. Not really, still on the 10% weight for height. Better than off the charts. Had a huge tubey vomit last night and missed the whole darn feeding. Or rather, she slept in it!

Apartment Update : We had workers come to fix the house...

Cabinets won't stay closed. Fixed by hanging doors even more crookedly.

Kitchen sink flapper knobs leak. Fixed by replacing knobs with bathroom knobs.

Backdoor has gaps. Fixed ( sorta ) by silicon caulking the entire door frame. Um... okay.

Bathroom tub faucet leaks and cannot be turned off. Shower runs while tub spout is in use.
No water for 15 hours. No toilet. No kitchen, no laundry, no bathroom.

Fixed by repeated trips to the hardware store, calls to the landlord, and a shower hose. Ugly, but functional. Killed the water pressure though!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More pictures!

Pretty Mama's girl.
No tubes! No Tape!
Our cute friend Kate. EDIBLE!


Playdates in 30* weather just do me right in. One can only go up and down the stairs so many times before it becomes impossible to stay awake.
( And Mommy Digs Sleep Pictures! )

Mila's new tubey. She was having a rough day and just crashed on the floor. CRASH! And no, she's not REALLY as skinny as she looks here... I think its positional and I think she was inhaling.
Bad exposure, but Robby got a haircut. He's a cutey pie. He loves his " spikes ".

Friday, August 15, 2008

More Pictures


YAY! Maybe this will fit me by WINTER!
Hi! I'm little Bo Peep!
( I will make this shorter! )
She's on FIRE!
So cute I just can't stand it!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Home again, home again!

We're home! The ped was fine with M's intake yesterday ( the fact that she did not throw up was a GREAT thing ) and she tolerated her feed overnight. DISCHARGRED!


That was at 7:10am. BTW, wtf is up with doctors coming at 10 after 7? I was in bed, though I had gotten up at 5, washed up, drank my coffee, and went back to bed

a good night

Mila did well with her nightly dose right through till 5 am when she became uncomfortable. I vented the g tube and got some huge bubbles. She is still full of air!

There has been no poop yet. I don't think this will prevent us from going home but you never know.

Yesterdays feedings went ; 6am to 12 noon - 35 ml cont

12:20 - 100 ml orally

6:00 - bites of potato and cake ( 5 each maybe )

9:00 - 40 ml oral

I don't want to say she FAILED her oral eating trial but it is not far off either. I was looking for more an average of 1 oz per hour ( with however many intervals she wanted...) But again, I don't THINK its enough to keep us here another day.

Now that I've said her to some rare thing that ends up keeping us even longer!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Still Doing okay!

Mila continues to do well. At 12, I switched her from continuous daytime to as wanted oral bottling. She took 100 mls and then promptly fell asleep. Its 2:15 and she's still sleeping. If she can tolerate 100 mls, though, thats FANTASTIC!!!! I don't see any issues during the daytime. We'll see how her nighttime goes - everyone's digestion slows at night. Obviously, most people aren't eating at night.

If we can get 400 mls in Mila during the day, and 400 at night... we'll be PEACHY to go home. The ped would like to see her at a rate of 50 overnight. That would allow her to get all her nighttime calories in just 8 hours - thats about how long she sleeps anyway.

I'm doing just fine, btw. I didn't expect to go home the next day because ofmy great friends at and at . I knew 24 hours would be very very rare in deed!


Hahah I though we were going home cause Mila is doing so well... But her ped said we aren't going home till she is off continous daytime!

We are, however, taking out the IV and starting a new schedule... Off IV now, off feeds at 1, she can bottle from 1 - 10 and we will run cont starting at 10. Feeds will start at 35 per hour and get a 5 ml bump per hour to 50. If she tolerates that.. We go home!!


Mila seems to be perking up. She's at 35 ml of full strength right now with only some mild to moderate discomfort. Pooping would help, I'm sure. They are upping her lactulose today and we might even go home.. Though going home on continous would be a pain in the rear.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Not so Good :-(

Mila is requiring venting frequently and hasn't been able to move past 25 mls per hour of 1/2 strength formula. She seems slightly uncomfortable most of the time, and in pain on occasion. I don't see it being good for us to go home tomorrow yet :-(.

doing better

Mila's feeds are back to 25ml per hour running half strength pedialyte / peptamen. So far, so good!! We are going up 5 mls every 4 hours till 35 mls, then we'll start running full strength peptamin. I think her next bump is 5 o'clock to 30 and then 10pm bump to 35, and then 5 am to full strength.

11 oclock update

Mila's feeds are running again at half strenght ( pedialyte and peptamen ) and she's been given more pain meds and some gas drops to see if that helps. She seems happy enough right now.

Why on earth does the GI keep asking ME why she's not doing better? I have no idea - he's the doctor.

not doing well

Mila is in a fair bit of discomfort and not tolerating her feeds after meds. We had a near vomit, but saw the ped shortly after who said to take it very very slowly with her... Not going home today but I was prepared for that.

Feeds are off right now and we will wait on gi evaluation.

A rough start but an easy night.

Last night, mila developed a bit of a distended tummy and became very irritable and easily cried. After a few minutes, I called for some more pain meds. Even though it wasn't ordered, the nurse got her an rx of ibuprofen and that helped a bit.

We eventually had to lower her feeds to 20ml / hour and leave her iv running. I assume we'll try upping her rate and lowering her IV again today.

After lowering her feed , we burped her through the tube.. Very interesting. She was then able to sleep for most of the night!! Even I slept a bit!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

all is quiet still

Mila remains quiet and sleepy with a minimum of fussing. Her tube looks good, no fever, and she's only needed tylenol once. I napped a bit and now I'm waiting for my dinner to arrive by alex express.

Mila's heart rate keeps dipping into the 70s which indicates she is resting easily. Her BP has come waaaay down from the astonishing 135 / 56 that is climbed to!!! They decided that this ( coupled with a high heart rate and faster respitory rate ) was a by product of her pain tolerance and gave her some tylenol... She's been good since!

Mila has had lots of visitors from her last stay on 4c and we are grateful to be getting such care. More tonight!

Starting feeds

We will be starting M's feeds shortly.. We flushed her and gave her some meds and she did well... She's very pale but hasn't cried much... Just a few seconds here and there.

doing well

Mila is awake and very quiet... Surgery went very well and we will likely go home tomorrow as long as she tolerates feeds...

Her tube site looks great and although tender at site itself, her tummy doesn't seem to bother her at all!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cold Update

Mila's cold seems to be a bit better. Robby has crashed out and gone upstairs for a nap ( no fight, he was sooo done, he just went ! ). Its 32 * outside and only 28* inside. Its HOT.

And I love it!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cutest Photo Ever

More Summer Photos

Is this It?

This ( hoping I'm wrong ) may be Mila's last swim. BOY does she love the pool! I wish it was warmer year round here... I am hoping our Florida trip this winter has some very very warm weather and we can go swimming in grandpa & grandmas pool.
My Hubby. And yes, I *do* find all that hair sexy.

KICK robby KICK!