Friday, July 31, 2009

Getting in our sunshine!

Raggy Quilt that I made for Kim's baby OLIVIA.. Nearly impossible to see but I embroidered her name in the bottom square.
Shayla giggles and coos at her mobile these days!
Danica holding baby Shayla. Dannica calls me " Sarah Kaganovsky " every single time she speaks to me. She says " I would like to hold Sarah' Kaganovsky's baby. " and " Are we going to see Sarah Kaganovsky? " and " Look! There is Sarah Kaganovsky! "

Shayla and her bestest buddy MADISON.

Just look at the size difference. Madison is only 6 weeks older but she's got an enormous head and Shayla has a wee head!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

We're going to the park, park, park...

We *love* going to the park. Nothing thrills me more than a day at Hawrelak, nice and hot. Cool bottles of water, great photos, happy, exhausted, dirty children. I took 146 pictures yesterday - roughly equal to 6 rolls of film worth.... something that wasn't affordable with regular cameras.

Monday, July 20, 2009


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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Skinny b!tch

There is a lady at my gym who is in absolutely perfect shape... The kind the gym can't get you without a healthy dose of genetic predisposition. She works herself hard. She smiles. Her hair is highlighted and her mani pedi is absolutely perfect. I hate her.

I've never spoken to her. That doesn't stop me from secretly wishing she'd occasionally fall of her treadmill or fart from the elliptical. I hate her based on a deep desire to have that body. I have no idea if she has kids, how old she is, or whether she eats potato chips in the car at stoplights. For all I know, she could be miserable as heck, but I still envy her vision of perfect perkiness and she merrily trots away at the treadmill, perkily bouncing as she listens to her ipod.

I, on the otherhand, heave and huff and puff through my workout. I don't enjoy the gym, perferring to curse the machines as I'd they did this to my body. The lady in front of me glistens - I pour sweat. She bounces. I jiggle. But as I watch her derriere sway, I struck by a bolt of lightening.

There is nothing wrong with my life. I have three beautiful children, a loving husband. A bank account that never tells me insufficient funds. Friends who encourage me to go to the gym without telling me my fat ass needs it.

Its possible that the Lil Ms Perfect in front of me has this too - but that's her life and I'm living my life.

Even if I stare at her and secretly wish that just once she'd fall down.
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Saturday, July 11, 2009


Most women will agree : shopping post partum is a lesson in humility. Nothing fits, and the woman in the mirror does not resemble you in the slightest. But truth be told, she is you, that IS your body... And the clothes you wanted to buy? Won't fit for months, if ever.

Pregnancy changes your body the same way that motherhood changes your mind. There are no more skimpy cocktail dresses, no more bikinis. No more high heels, no short shorts or mini skirts.

A few weeks ago, I started shopping for tomorrows baby shower. I was well aware that the size 14 jeans I owned wouldn't biudge past midthigh. Even spme of my sweat pants looked painted on. I wasn't surprised when a size 16 didn't fit. But I was appalled when the size 18 just barely zipped and was quite obviously too toight.

Nursing is supposed to burn huge calories but no one warns you bout the ravenous hunger that accompanies that calorie burn. I've suddenly taken to needing breakfast the moment I wake up, followed by a snack, lunch, two snacks, dinner, and a midnight meal. The constant hunger combined with a squalling infant attached to you makes you reach for grabola bars and pb&j. Healthy foods aren't appealing, and worse, its hard to make and eat a salad while nursing a squirmy child who depends on you for every ounce of the meal at all hours of the day.

I was so disheartened though. I vowed to go to the gym, and I did. The scale remains resolutely - steadfast - at 180.

But yesterday? I tried on a size 18. It dropped to the floor. The 16 was swimming. Even the size 14 was big. Admittedly, I did not press my luck and attempt a 12. But I bought the 14 and came home with a smile instead of tears.
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Friday, July 10, 2009


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I know it looks like they are squishing her... but its sibling love squishing, I promise!
We've discovered the mobile!
Mama, I am just TOO CUTE!

Look whose learning to roll!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Apparently we are still having some issues. I've gotten the comments back online, but, uh... the rest will be up soon!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

To My Dad,

Dear Dad,

Many years ago - shortly after I was given my Echo - you and I had a fight. I've long since forgotten what the fight was about, and honestly, given my flair for the dramatic in my teen years, I'm confident that the fight was petty.

We fought and I decided that I'd give you the silent treatment. I have no idea how long it lasted, either. Not long after, I met a friend at the diner for breakfast. After breakfast I discovered that I had locked my keys in the car... With the car still running. Brilliant, eh?

I had to suck it up and call you to come and unlock the car for me. So much for my silent treatment. I was so embarrassed to have to call you after I'd been so nasty. But I did call.

You never laughed or scolded me. You didn't refuse ( something I am sure I would have done ). You simply drove over and unlocked my door. In your mind, that is what a parent does.

It has probably been 10 years, but I think of this often. Especially now that my own kids are growing, and father's day rolls around. You handled that situation with dignity and I hope that someday I can demonstrate to my own children exactly how a parent handles things.

I'm not sure I ever thanked you, either.

So, um, thanks!

( Originally posted on father's day, but lost due to blogger issues! )
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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Blogger is back!

Sorry about the long, unintended hiatus. Apparently, if you repeatedly change the entire format of the blog, things disappear.

If you commented on a previous post, it should be active/visible now. Comments are still moderated, so they will not show up instantly.

There is a belated Father's day post going out to my dad. It should be up later tonight - Blogger seems to have eaten it!

Some pictures in some posts may not work. If you find one that is no longer clickable, please let me know!

Happy reading!