Saturday, February 28, 2009

Just the way I like it....

Busy busy busy! Over the past two weeks, I got back into scrapbooking. I did about a page a day and we'll see if I've qualified for the bonus - free stuff! I reaaaally enjoyed it!

I'm also nesting apparently! Amazing how organized and tidy the apartment has gotten in just a few days. I'd seriously get more accomplished if Mila would sleep more at night - I'm exhausted! But despite her frequent and increasingly nightly wakings, I've managed to : clean and organize both kids rooms, sort and organize four rubbermaid bins of clothes, clean and organize the bedroom ( what a difference it makes ), organize the bottom of the pantry ( it was bugging the daylights out of me ), sort, wash, and put away #3's clothes, and last but not least ( and probably not last either ).... I dug my sewing desk out! Holy crap, it makes a HUGE difference!

So I promptly sat down and sewed Mila a new shirt ( white body, blue calico sleeves ). Then I sewed her a new PJ set for the hospital. Next up, slippers! I dl'ed a great " frog " pattern that I'm dying to try.... Last time we were inpatient, I discovered a few things :

1) Fleece jammies are really warm and comfy. However, one piece zip up jammies are hideously difficult for a potty trained child on an IV and attached to a gtube. I was constantly battling sneaking her extension through the gtube hole in her jammies and attempting to unzip and lower them enough for her to pee without dislodging her gtube OR her iv!

2) Mila's socks got unrepairably dirty!!!! She needs warm slippers even in bed.

This time, we're going in prepared! Two piece jammies... They lack the open side & shoulder that allow her to change while on the iv, but the nurses generally allow us to take her off the iv for a few minutes to change her. The gtube can be left undisturbed while we potty her.

We are also bringing a potty. She is too heavy and likely too sore to be carried to the toilet after surgery. This way, we can just put it at the foot of the bed...

More to come... Kids are calling.

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Birthday Photos

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The drama of plastic.

Four and a half hours later....

The new kitchen....

Remember this? Yeah....

Now I'm putting this thing together:

Next year? Remind me I hate putting plastic things together!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

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Friday, February 13, 2009

One moment, please.

AGhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ARggggggggggggg! ROOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAR!

I feel slightly better now.

The memory card with my pictures of Mila sleeping in her new bed died this morning. I am saddened and angry. At least I remembered to yank off the vacation pictures before losing ALL of them.
I've figured out how to get them from Facebook to here, but the originals are lost. Thankfully we have another memory card but I'm still angry. I have to get more organized and actually PRINT some of these pictures!