Tuesday, April 24, 2007

April 24

Today, I saw green grass growing through the cracks of the sidewalk. I felt a warm breeze blow through my hair and watched my older child run laughing through last year's winter leaves. I watched as my younger child snuggled closer to my chest and watch the blue sky go by. Today was the first day that I really really felt spring arrive.

I blew bubbles today. I kicked a soccer ball. I laughed out loud and giggled with my children. I saw Robby mature right before my eyes, and I watched Mila's eyes light up as Robby danced for her smiles.

And then I spent THREE HOURS putting together Robby's f**king art desk. Not to ruin the sappy post, but the reason we WENT for said walk was to get away from the desk. 38 parts. 50 little metal screws. Six pieces I put on backwards. Three screws were put in, then removed to add more pieces. Two pieces didn't have letters on them. And one page of directions WITH NO WORDS!

But there is a fresh breeze blowing today!

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