Sunday, April 26, 2009

Why is it snowing?

Look mommy! Blowing out my candles!

The infamous lava volcano cake!

The favorite toy ( right now ) is the hungry hungry hippos game. They just loooooove it.
I am sooo not happy with the fact that its snowing. Its just... wrong... especially considering it was +22* the other day!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wrapping up birthdays!

The last of the April birthdays is over. Michael will have his celebration Sunday, and that will mark the last of this crazy month!!

Robby got clothes, a new winter jacket, rollerblades, a Leapster with games, a giant transformer, a glow in the dark ant farm, books, and two handheld games. I baked him a Volcano Cake, took him to starbucks and bought him spiderman hangers and a new piggy bank.

( The day might have been more successful minus the starbucks, which was NOT decaf... )

Now, we can concentrate on baby three to be! We have the carseats, the playpen, the swing, the stroller, the sling. There needs to be re-arranging and pulling from storage and purging and cleaning and set up... More diapers to sew! Cloth wipes and soakers to sew! Dressing gowns and baby caps... The house needs to be cleaned and organized and my parents are coming.

It is just all SO SOON! (And yet, not aoon enough )
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Getting cuter....

I put Mila's pigtails in ( by sheer force ) and we played Elmo. OMG... SO CUTE. These are the webcam shots so you can see her face. She's dancing to Elmo's little song...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


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If this isn't the cutest....

All in a day's work.

If it's not broken.. Don't fix it! I made twice as much work for myself by trying to reduce my seam allowance on a batch of three layer diapers. The idea was that a narrower seam allowance would be a marginally more generously sized diaper.

Yeah. Except that I ended up missing the inside layer. Wouldn't be a problem except that I was turning and topstitching - making the inner layer ( that I'd missed ) the diaper's outer fabric. Crap.

On every single one of the eleven diapers I'd painstakenly cut and pinned together to prevent EXACTLY this from happening...

Which I'd already added elastic too... In that tiny seam allowance. Which meant verrrry little room to go back and fix it.


Other than that, its been pretty status quo here. Robby turns five tomorrow. Hard to believe that I've been mothering him for five years. Each year has brought something special - from his birth, to first steps, and this year comes his first day of school! Where did the time go?

He's lost most of his baby-isms, much to my dismay. No longer does he say giff fertickatick. No marshlellows. No hostipal. No more constuctions. No more girections. We haven't been to Tim Portons, or Tarducks in many months. Quite to the contrary, he'll correct me when I attempt to hold on to the last vestige of babyhood babble. ( Mila, at least, has baby language still. Hocks and hoos! Hirr it up! Hockamook! Halmart! We go hopping together. Mah baby! Put mah baby in the hling! )

Instead, Robby's language has grown by leaps and bounds in the most interesting of directions. Yesterday, he asked if we'd have nearly enough of something for dinner. He tells me "exactly" and " definitely" and "certainly". He can articulate with a clarity that is astounding in someone of his age. He picks up on words like " starving" and "exhausted" and quizzes me on their meaning, and then works them into conversations in proper context!

He asks about birth, death, and old age. He kisses my belly and ( mostly ) gently feels around my belly for the hard lump that is baby #3's rump. He brings me bread and cheese to make his sandwhich, remembers how many cups of "splendid" goes into the pitcher of Koolaid. He talks about Shabbos, lighting the candles, and being jewish.

He'll always be my baby, but he's truly not a baby. Tomorrow, when he blows out the candle on his volcano cake, he'll really be a big boy!
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Friday, April 10, 2009

Everything is good!

The last photo is Robby reading to Mila. He's such a good boy and they are both REALLY enjoying reading books to each other. It is so cute to hear him attempt to remember the story!
I'm also sewing up some newborn diapers for the little one soon to arrive. Yes, I know cloth is " more work " but I'm not happy with the idea of my kid sitting on a chemical gel for the next two years. Call me a hippy. I dare ya!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pictures please!

I feel the need to mention that this is mila licking her ranch dressing, not throwing up.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The gift that keeps on giving!

A new sew of paintbrushes ( we've already lost 2 of the 3 pens ) and this Aquadoodle is in use again. Almost every day since we got it, one of the children pulls it out and starts to doodle. Most of the time, admittedly, the children spend most of their time filling in the entire surface - which is fine. Usually they start off drawing roads and letters first. It really is a great, great toy.

I'm thinking about getting Robby one of the cheap digital keychain cameras - the kind walmart has at the checkout. He's obsessed with taking pictures and I thought it would be neat.

In other news : I have permission to start recovering the dining room chairs. I'm ashamed at how bad they look right now!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


And the Etsy orders come ROLLING IN....

So far we have : 1 adult sundress, 2 child sized sundresses ( possibly with a hat ), 6 sleeping gowns NB sized, and a camp brochure that may or may not be completed already. I'm pretty darn happy right now LOL.

I bought some labels tonight for my outgoing package tomorrow and it took me a zillion tries to get ONE label to print. I now have a stack of labels with half cut off letters and a typo that I didn't catch.

Mila continues to do well although she woke up tonight complaining of a headache. She drank a bit of her bottle and was able to go back to sleep. I'm not sure she really had a headache but it was very reminiscent of a few months ago - a sudden outcry in the night " maaaaaaamaaaaaaa! ". She'd just had a pee and a bottle within two hours, so it was neither hunger nor the call of nature that woke her.

Robby is growing like a week - I think he's just hit another growth spurt! UNREAL! The poor kiddo is going to grow right out of his clothes if he doesn't watch out - his size 5 jeans fit him just barely right now! They are only a few months old, I don't ever remember him growing this fast before. He is such a good sleeper and even though it takes him a looooooong time and lots of encouragement, he does eat fairly well. We're still working on vegetables.

Alex is recovering from his cold ( thank goodness - I have little sympathy at this point ). The gallery seems to be slightly on the upswing. Mila was approved for disability, which means we'll be getting some additional support from that.

And me? 39 days... 39 days and baby will arrive! I have SO MUCH TO DO!