Wednesday, April 1, 2009


And the Etsy orders come ROLLING IN....

So far we have : 1 adult sundress, 2 child sized sundresses ( possibly with a hat ), 6 sleeping gowns NB sized, and a camp brochure that may or may not be completed already. I'm pretty darn happy right now LOL.

I bought some labels tonight for my outgoing package tomorrow and it took me a zillion tries to get ONE label to print. I now have a stack of labels with half cut off letters and a typo that I didn't catch.

Mila continues to do well although she woke up tonight complaining of a headache. She drank a bit of her bottle and was able to go back to sleep. I'm not sure she really had a headache but it was very reminiscent of a few months ago - a sudden outcry in the night " maaaaaaamaaaaaaa! ". She'd just had a pee and a bottle within two hours, so it was neither hunger nor the call of nature that woke her.

Robby is growing like a week - I think he's just hit another growth spurt! UNREAL! The poor kiddo is going to grow right out of his clothes if he doesn't watch out - his size 5 jeans fit him just barely right now! They are only a few months old, I don't ever remember him growing this fast before. He is such a good sleeper and even though it takes him a looooooong time and lots of encouragement, he does eat fairly well. We're still working on vegetables.

Alex is recovering from his cold ( thank goodness - I have little sympathy at this point ). The gallery seems to be slightly on the upswing. Mila was approved for disability, which means we'll be getting some additional support from that.

And me? 39 days... 39 days and baby will arrive! I have SO MUCH TO DO!

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