Sunday, March 29, 2009

Excited Addition

In addition to Project Destash -

I've been commissioned on Etsy to make a plus sized sundress.. The awsome thing is that I already HAVE the color of fabric she likes! ( actual color pictured below )HOORAY! I will have to think long and hard about how to "price" the fabric for project destash... It is 12 feet of mossy green linen that I bought within a few days of my sewing machine 2 years ago. And I'm getting paid for it?
Another addition to project destash was this dress, with the oldest pieces of fabric in my stash:

It has hereby been turned into a nightgown. It is slightly mis-sized but that is par for the course. It is my first neckline and first set in sleeves. WHOOHOO me!

Everything here at Casa De Kagan is good. Gallery seems to be on the uprise ( Thank GOODNESS ) and the fetus is kicking away. She currently has the hiccups, which is why I'm posting at 1am. Fetal hiccups are hard to sleep through. Robby is growing like a weed and is practically OUT of his 5t pants already! Not just around the waist but in height, too. The girl is eating quite a bit better and gained a TON of weight - we are holding off on tubing her when she is close to goal.

And Alex has a cold.

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