Saturday, December 27, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

Opening presents!

Ms. Thang was SO EXCITED to choose her present!

Robby opening 1 present while Mila opens the other. Everyone is watching, excited to see what they get.

Mila was grinning the whole time, once she figured out how to get the wrapping paper from hell off her gift.

Looks at her grin! Hanukkah might be her favorite holdiay! Robby was smiling too, but he hadn't seen what Mila had yet. ( These presents are for sharing. )

Mila experimenting with her new aquadoodle. SHE LOVES IT! So does Robby! I was amazed at how long they played with it!

FLYing through Hanukkah

Mila and Robby standing in front of the big pile of gifts. They were SO EXCITED.

Here is where FLYing comes in. This is my dirty but beloved Menorah. My mother bought it for me, and it was one of the ( few ) things that really screams " I'm JEWISH " to me. Alex has a similarly colored one, equally as disgusting. I don't know what they are made of ( I assume silver plated ) but I can't use harsh chemicals to clean them. And I really wanted them clean and shiny for Hanukkah. My house looks so good, I didn't want to light really awful looking Menorahs!

Enter baking soda toothpaste! Its hard to tell, but the whole Menorah just sparkles and shines, and it really lit up my heart.

Robby and Mila, eagerly setting up the Menorah under Uncle Michael's supervision. I didn't know, but only 1 person can light 1 menorah. You cannot light two. So Alex lit one ( complete with prayers ) and I lit the other ( complete with prayers ). The kids were entranced.

The Menorahs shortly after dinner.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Just pictures.

Mila's new gtube pads.

Nothing special to update!

You know you have a special needs child when you find yourself wrapping presents with Tegaderm!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Operation FLY

Operation FlyLady is still in effect! I'm happy to report that the house looks good, everyone is reasonably healthy and happy... except for the car.

Oh dear, oh dear, the car. It saddens me - greatly - to inform you all that the car is in the shop and quite ill.

The car suffered a bout of hypothermia ( much like everything else when the temperature hits -35*c ) and refused to growl to life a few days ago, despite repeated attempts. Further investigation revealed it had been unplugged by our neighbors. Sadly, it was within their rights to unplug as we had not plugged it in correctly to *our* spot, instead, into theirs.

My FIL came to the rescue and jumped the car. HOORAY!

Except that the very next morning, despite being plugged in, the car again refused to start. Enter, stage right, FIL to the rescue again. The car, however, did not start. In fact, other than a short moaning sound, it did nothing at all. ( Disclaimer.... moaning sound may have come from Hubby )

Hubby and FIL determined the battery was unsaveable, and hit the store for a new one. They installed the battery, but again, it did not start. They decided to jump it again...

This is where Murphy's law comes into effect : the cables went onto the car backwards, resulting in a small explosion and the utter deaddeadness of said car. Enter AMA.

The car now resides at the mechanics, and hopefully, HOPEFULLY, it will come home again.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Doing Better!

Yesterday's echo went fabulously well. Don't know if we are having a he or she yet, but we've booked a regular ultrasound for Jan 6th. I'm so excited LOL.

Flylady is going really well! I didn't get ANYTHING done yesterday, but Alex pitched in and I came down to a clean house and shiny sink. For us, shiny just means empty!

On my list for today;

Clean Robby's Room
Mop Kitchen
Bath for Kids
Fold Laundry

almost everythign else is done!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

On the Wagon

Today, I am on the wagon. Despite heaving the contents of my ( mostly empty ) stomach repeatedly this morning, I have decided that I *have* to get back to a routine before I get(more) lazy.

Yesterday, I printed out ALL SEVEN days of chores, the Morning, Naptime, and Nightime lists, a medicine chart, etc, and I'm well on my way to making it work for me.

While I admit that I had no desire to DO anything today ( see above : vomiting makes me too tired to do much else ), I did pull out my booklet this morning and a dry erase pen and begin. Mila's Meds.. Check... Breakfast... Check...

So far today : ( Dones in Red )

Morning Routine

Mila’s Meds
Dressed to Socks
Make Beds
Unload Dishwasher
Laundry Pick Up
Robby’s Schedule
Weekly List - In Progress
Check Calendar
Dress Kids

Naptime Routine

Mila’s Meds
Switch Laundry

Robby Writing - Not applicable ( not home )
Take out dinner - Not applicable ( not eating at home )

Two Minute Tidy
Swish & Swipe Bathroom

Weekly List - In Progress
Clean Computer Desk
Make Phone Calls


Pick up / drop off Robby
Quick Living Room
Quick Bathroom

Quick Hallway
Quick Mop
Dust TV / Desk
Take Out Garbage
Toy Move
Gas In Car
Alex’s Hours

It might not look like much, but I feel better already, knowing that I can do it. I can do this. I CAN DO THIS.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mila's Tube

This is a picture of the irritation caused by Mila's tube.

Friday, December 12, 2008

In Which I Ramble...

I am DETERMINED to get back on Flylady. While the nausea isn't gone, it has gotten better during the day so that I, once again, have the ability to do more than lay on the couch with the kidlets and complain that I hate being pregnant.

Which I do, by the way... but more on that later.

Alex has been phenomenal about keeping up with the house to the best of his ability. The issue does not lie with what he can or cannot do, it lies in that he does not do it the way that I, Queen of the House, would do it. The fact remains, though, that Alex has been * doing it *, and I have been laying on the couch, bemoaning our decision to make me sick for six months straight.

And the other day, I attempted to dress the kids and was dismayed. Mila had no pants, and none of the shirts I liked for her. Robby had no pants, no socks, but plenty of undies and t shirts. Alex was out of jeans, out of socks, and out of undies. I was out of maternity pants and wearable tshirts ( Read : Tshirts that cover the bulge... They are in short supply ).

While I briefly debated buying new clothes, the idea of braving the mall was more scary than actually doing the laundry. I dove headfirst into the laundry room. Headfirst, of course, being the only way to get INTO the laundry room, where the piles of laundry had just about reached the top of the washer. It honestly looked like the laundry was attempting to reach the top of the washer to wash its own damn self.

I did six loads. Yes. Six. I dumped each one onto the bed, where it languished, unfolded and quickly wrinkling into unwearability, until bathtime. Since the bathtub and the bed are catty corner across the hall, I can easily keep an ear and half an eye on the kids while I fold, listening to my music. And oh, oh! Did I fold!

All of Robby's shirts on hangers... Mila's PJ's on hangers. Baskets of socks, baskets of undies. It all got folded and ( mostly ) put away. I felt accomplished. I felt like I had done something.

Until I realized that six loads had hardly made a dent.


And onto other things. Hopefully, more exciting than my inability to scale Mt. Washmore.

The kids are great. Robby is counting down the days till Hanukah and therefore the beginning of the countdown to Florida. Mila is growing ( albeit slowly the past 2 weeks, which is fine ). Her gtube is icky looking but CERTAINLY not infected , with a bit of granulation tissue underneath the button itself.

The 3 cases of formula were denied by Fedex. We sent them via Canada Post for less than half the cost Fedex wasn't willing to ship them for, and we hope they arrive in time.

Alex is working insane hours from now until we leave for Floria. I will miss you, my husband. I will miss you so much until I see you again.

And the pregnancy is going well. Cletus the Fetus ( known only as Coco to the baby ) will be having his/her echocardiogram on Monday at 1pm. Wednesday, I have a prenatal appointment. After that... I don't know if we have ANY appointments until we come back!!!

And me. I hate being pregnant. The nausea sucks - three mornings in a row, I puked despite the Zofran. I despise wasting $10 pills on vomit. I am also exhausted and cranky. But I do get a baby out of this, so while I am complaining, it is good natured and in the right spirit.

And now back to folding.

Oh wait, did I not mention I did FOUR MORE LOADS of laundry today, to complete the six I did yesterday, and I must now fold the 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th loads.

Friday, December 5, 2008

More pictures

What we did today...

Anyone notice anything new about Mila?


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