Sunday, December 14, 2008

On the Wagon

Today, I am on the wagon. Despite heaving the contents of my ( mostly empty ) stomach repeatedly this morning, I have decided that I *have* to get back to a routine before I get(more) lazy.

Yesterday, I printed out ALL SEVEN days of chores, the Morning, Naptime, and Nightime lists, a medicine chart, etc, and I'm well on my way to making it work for me.

While I admit that I had no desire to DO anything today ( see above : vomiting makes me too tired to do much else ), I did pull out my booklet this morning and a dry erase pen and begin. Mila's Meds.. Check... Breakfast... Check...

So far today : ( Dones in Red )

Morning Routine

Mila’s Meds
Dressed to Socks
Make Beds
Unload Dishwasher
Laundry Pick Up
Robby’s Schedule
Weekly List - In Progress
Check Calendar
Dress Kids

Naptime Routine

Mila’s Meds
Switch Laundry

Robby Writing - Not applicable ( not home )
Take out dinner - Not applicable ( not eating at home )

Two Minute Tidy
Swish & Swipe Bathroom

Weekly List - In Progress
Clean Computer Desk
Make Phone Calls


Pick up / drop off Robby
Quick Living Room
Quick Bathroom

Quick Hallway
Quick Mop
Dust TV / Desk
Take Out Garbage
Toy Move
Gas In Car
Alex’s Hours

It might not look like much, but I feel better already, knowing that I can do it. I can do this. I CAN DO THIS.

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