Saturday, October 27, 2007

I'm not dead!

I know, I know, I'm a bad Mommy blogger! I have been uber popular this week... Makes me feel really good. I finally feel like I have a friend base in this cold, desolate wasteland they call "Canada". I see Sarah once a week, I see Raelynn, I see Becky, I see Jenn once a month or so. And I just met a new mommy, Elisa. I have the AP meeting, the BW meeting, and I'm looking for a library story group once or twice a month. Not to mention the AP playgroup, which I happen to be hosting this month. Yes, I volunteered for that. Not sure how I got roped into taking the *October* group, but I'm doing a Halloween party, followed by mass trick-or-treating at the WEM afterwards. I'm figuring everyone can park here and just walk across, considering the closest door is oh, 50 feet away.

There will be candy baggies for the kids - need to find some natural candy. I'm already considering fruit bars, some form of chocolate, and maybe some stickers of some sort. I know Sarah is coming, I know Elisa is coming, I know Raelynn is coming. One of the Laura's said they are coming too... So already, with my two.... thats um... a whole hell of a lot of kids in our apartment. Somewhere upwards of TEN. ARGH! What is WRONG with mee!?!! And getting all the dietary requirements... Elisa doesn't do gluten, some of the moms are off dairy... I foresee a veggie tray!

Oh, the kids? One crawls. AGH! CRAWLING! The other is a good boy.

And we joined a gym. Pictures tomorrow!

Friday, October 19, 2007

And one for Mila...


I'm entering this photo in a contest. The theme is " messy "

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Dear Mom and Dad -

Happy Anniversary! Its a big one this year, eh? You should be so proud of the accomplishment - so many couples end up down the D road. You've certainly made it for the long haul! This may be the first year that I do not *send* a gift - the funds just don't allow it right now. But I don't want you to think I forgot. I'll call tonight, but in the mantime, I'd like to shout to the whole wide world.... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

In other news, I made a pair of track pants to go along with Mila's cute hat. They are a little long, and they took me longer than I would like to admit ( and two tries... th first ones suffered some unfortunet accidents ). Next I'll be making Robby some PJ's and finishing the curtains for alex and my room.

Mila is certainly getting around on the crawling thing. Oh, the places I find her! This morning, I blocked the kitchen off with the exersaucer only to have her crawl through it!And then not an hour later did she attempt to climb the stairs!!!! STAIRS!!! We must baby proof in rapid order... Any suggestions on how to block off a 7 foot openeing!?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cuteness! Lots of Cuteness!

We were right, Mila did have a UTI - the culture was positive for bacteria, but the really expensive RX will kill it off. Unfortunetly, it has given her a bit of a rash. In other news, I spoke with the dietician today and we'll be getting a supplement for Mila to add to her solids - it will add another 25 calories or so to each jar. The only problem that I see is that its practically pure sugar, made from cornstarch. If she seems to react to it, that'll be the end of that!
Robby got a crash em up hotwheels spinny super duper flaming car racer thing. I'm not sure I'll ever see him again, other than the incessant pleeeease come play with me that floats down from upstairs, complete with tiny face at the railing. Tooo cute! He's so excited about it! He already had a few hotwheels cars ( like a zillion ) and it looks like we know what to get him for Hanuka this year.
Alex had an interview this morning, but it turned out to be one of these pyramid scam things. If Alex found someone to invest, he'd get a portion of their investment, and a portion of each blah blah blah crap. I hope he got a free cup of coffee out of it!
Oh... and I made that cute pink and navy hat. Serious cuteness. Lots and lots of cuteness!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Everything is holding steady!

Not too much going on here at the Kagan household. We've decided to hold off on putting the kids in daycare / school until Mila is a year old. She's just too little right now. I might do some evenings later on, but have Alex watch the kiddos after he comes home from work.

The problem with this is that Robby really needs the interaction of lots of kids. What does this mean? Playdates, playgroups, Galaxyland, library meets, and hopefully a gym daycare. But that also means that I have to be very careful in trying to get / keep Ms. Mila on a schedule. For example, twice a month we have playgroup that is at 1pm. Right now, on her new schedule that we are working on, thats playtime, bottle, and then playdate / playgroup time. But we have to be home by 4:30 for Robby's snack and workbook time. Its really important for her to get on a schedule as she's been waking up three, four times a night and we aren't quite sure why.

The schedule needs some obvious tweaks right now. 11:45-12:45 is her nap time, followed by a solids lunch. I'm not sure she's going to MAKE it 11:45! ** especially ** if we go out for our walk at 10:30 like I have planned. And on Sundays when we are out or have company, I'm not sure I can stick to any schedule at all. But she reaaaaaally needs a schedule right now! And Robby needs the playtime! In fact, in about 15 minutes I need to round up the kiddos for a walk. And then I need to give mila a bottle and a bath since she won't get one tonight. And while she's napping, Robby needs a bath too.

And I need a vacation!

In the medical side of things ( having now dressed the kids and walked them around the block ), Mila is having a terrible eating week and has lost 2 oz. She's also vomited several times, and spent hours and hours crying. We had her at the Ped Friday, and he thinks that she probably has a UTI. Getting a urine sample from an infant girl.... lemme tell you... NOT FUN! Those little sticky bags just don't cut it. .. Especially if said girl pees all over them! And then poops on them requiring that you go and get more. And then they leak.... But irregardless, the urine test showed some white blood cells, so we started her on an antibiotic and she seems to be feeling MUCH better today.

Cute pictures coming!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

I couldn't help it.

This is what Mila is wearing today. I have to find cute boy patterns to do something for Robby.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Adorable Bib

Does it GET any cuter? Its flocked vinyl on the back, forest green bias tape, and gorgeous fabric. I appliqued the heart on.

Patched pants!

Robby ruined a pair of jeans. Really nice Old Navy jeans! He fell on the asphalt at camp when he was wearing them, and then played with the resulting tears on the knees. It was okay to wear them during the summer, but with winter approaching, the holes would have made it very drafty in there.

But they were such nice jeans. So I decided to patch them using my new found ability - the satin stitch applique patch! I took a square of bottomweight khaki, and applique'd the letter R on it for some detail. Then I had to figure out how to get it on the jeans. This involved ripping the inseam from crotch to cuff, and working very slowly to stitch it on. But it looks pretty good! You can't even tell that I had ripped the inseams out and sewed it back up. It just looks good. Alex says it doesn't look homemade either

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

We're home! Actually, we've been home for quite a while! The vacation was good, if a tad stressful. Too many people, too long, too much to do, too much RAIN! We only got to the beach once, and while it was fantastically sunny and warm, the waves were gigantically enormous and Robby wouldn't go in. In fact, they were so big that we moved all the way to the dunes before we stopped getting our toes wet with surf! Robby had a good time building a sand castle though.

Mila continues to go back and forth, but for this entire month, I am NOT going to keep track of her weight, I am NOT going to keep track of how much she eats, I am NOT going to worry. It is what it is and the pediatrician says she's fine. We'll see what she's like in a month. ( Disclaimer : if she isn't doing well, none of the above statements apply! )