Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Patched pants!

Robby ruined a pair of jeans. Really nice Old Navy jeans! He fell on the asphalt at camp when he was wearing them, and then played with the resulting tears on the knees. It was okay to wear them during the summer, but with winter approaching, the holes would have made it very drafty in there.

But they were such nice jeans. So I decided to patch them using my new found ability - the satin stitch applique patch! I took a square of bottomweight khaki, and applique'd the letter R on it for some detail. Then I had to figure out how to get it on the jeans. This involved ripping the inseam from crotch to cuff, and working very slowly to stitch it on. But it looks pretty good! You can't even tell that I had ripped the inseams out and sewed it back up. It just looks good. Alex says it doesn't look homemade either

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