Tuesday, October 2, 2007

We're home! Actually, we've been home for quite a while! The vacation was good, if a tad stressful. Too many people, too long, too much to do, too much RAIN! We only got to the beach once, and while it was fantastically sunny and warm, the waves were gigantically enormous and Robby wouldn't go in. In fact, they were so big that we moved all the way to the dunes before we stopped getting our toes wet with surf! Robby had a good time building a sand castle though.

Mila continues to go back and forth, but for this entire month, I am NOT going to keep track of her weight, I am NOT going to keep track of how much she eats, I am NOT going to worry. It is what it is and the pediatrician says she's fine. We'll see what she's like in a month. ( Disclaimer : if she isn't doing well, none of the above statements apply! )

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