Wednesday, September 19, 2007


My dearest, darling, Sophia, I have not been a good daughter in law.. I have not posted an update EVEN ONCE! So, here you go, and I sincerely apologize for being so delinquent.

Except that blogger is misbehaving, and will not allow me to add pictures. I will try again in the morning!

( But all is well and good. Tomorrow we go to the beach, the divorce has been worked upon, and the children are behaving admirably. Robby is doing quite well with Grandma & Grandpa, and has only irritated them slightly. Mila had a week of eating very crappily but now seems to be on the upswing, thank goodness! She's awfully fussy too, and has become a drool faucet. I am led to believe that this is teething, and have picked her up some teething remedies. She got two tablets tonight and crashed hard - no more tears, nothing! Whoohoo! Hopefully this will bring about another great week of eating and all that good stuff. Did I mention we are going to the BEACH!? )

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