Tuesday, September 11, 2007

T Minus Two Hours & Thirty Minutes!

I can't sleep.

At 7:30am, I will have been awake for 24 hours. By the time we land in West Palm, I will have been awake 36 hours. I am so darn excited. Except I HATE flying. I hate it with a passion that rivals the smell of eggs cooking. I'm faintly nauseated and reaaaally tired. But I can't sleep. And despite repeated warnings again bringing ALL of our simply thick in carryon, Alex thinks it is a very very good idea. The letter the doctor left us doesn't seem to do it for me " Mila needs simply thick added to her formula. Her parents must carry it on the plane. " I'm not sure thats going to be good enough! And thats $100 of Simply thick that would have to be replaced, and God Only Knows how long it would take to ship to the US... And she simply CANNOT go without!

Robby is uber excited as well. He keeps asking me : Mommy, will you tell me the story of the plane, again? Please? And what do you say to that? Okay honey... Tonight, after you go to bed, even when its still night dark outside, Mommy will come and wake you up. She'll get you dressed, and we'll bring all of the suitcases and backpacks down to the car. Boris will come, and he will drive us to the airport. At the airport, we will wait in a big long line, and we'll give our bags to the person behind the counter. (( Mommy? Will they give them back? )) Yes, honey, but first they have to put them under the plane for us. Like they are in the trunk of a car, they'll be in the trunk of the airplane. Then we are going to walk walk walk to the gate - thats where we'll get on a little bridge! That bridge will take us right into the airplane. We'll find our seats, and you will sit with Daddy. And then Daddy will buckle you in, and Mommy will give you piece of gum. The captain will tell us " Ready for takeoff! " and the plane will start to move. It will go faster and faster, and then the plane will lift off and fly in the sky.

Then his brows scrunch up. His eyes tear a bit, and he whispers " But I don't want to go so high! That's scary! "

I know, baby boy, I know. Mommy gets scared too.

Do you think they serve vodka on the plane before 8am?

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