Monday, September 10, 2007

One day Left!

Vacation starts in T minues 30 hours. And there is SO MUCH that needs to be done!

So far : ( and this will be updated as I find more or do more )

Finish packing
( Robby is packed except underwear )
(( do they sell little boy underwear in florida? )
Finish the laundry
Pack toiletries
Pack cell phone & charger
Pack camera & charger & card reader
Pack Robbys " packpack " - snacks, books, puzzles, little cars, juice boxes, markers, paper
Pack Mila's diaper bag - 10 simply thick, nutramigen, 3 bottles, 10 diapers, wipes, blanket, extra outfit, cookie, gerber puffs, rings to chew on
Pack Backpack - Granola bars, chips, book for each parent, all travel documents, all birth certificates, drivers licenses.
Fold up Pack N Play
Clean out fridge
Finish dishes
Change sheets
Double check flights on time / gates / terminals
Pick up dry cleaning
Go to bank
Go to inlaws for dinner
Bring Computer to FIL
Set coffee pot to 3am
Set alarm to 3am
Put out outfits for flight
Bed by 9:30
Shut all windows and lock
Lock back door

I'm sure there is more.

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