Friday, September 7, 2007

This isn't a sewing blog

But I'm awfully proud of my DIY accomplishments! Here's the scoop - I accidentally dyed half of Mila's clothes a very ugly splotchy blue. Not sure how, but I did it. :-( Meanwhile, the poor thing has no clothes that fit! I'm not buying her anything new, cause I'm a dolt for ruining everything! But since I have a sewing machine and ( it seems ) a bit of talent...... Well thats a recipe for SEWING CLOTHES! And I've, slowly, taught myself. First I sewed a sling, then a mei tai, then Mila's party dress, and then the babypants ( which, btw, are sewn wrong and I may or may not be able to fix them! ). And today, well today, I sewed a whole outfit - minus the bottom hem on the shirt ( and the straps, once I figure out how I'd like to do them ).

And here it is!


Cheryl said...

This ISN'T a sewing blog????? Coulda fooled me!!

Can you hem my pants when you're down here??? :)


Anonymous said...

oh, the top is SUPER cute! i love the gathering at the top.

you must be going someplace warm or else just be very hopeful because it's sure cold on my end of the