Tuesday, September 30, 2008


My photos aren't working.. Please hold!
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Day with mom

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

And it goes like this............

My Etsy business is doing well. I've had close to 20 sales already! Most have been low priced graphics, but I did have a $27 sale of nightgowns, and a $200 order for an ENTIRE warddrobe! HOORAY. A good bit of the warddrobe has been cut but none's been sewed yet.

Pending orders : Wardrobe ( 5 pants, 5 shirts, 1 skirt, 2 legwarmers ), Carseat strap covers ( one for an adult, two for Mila ).

Possible pending orders : Graphics & a Fleece Poncho for a special needs child ( along with nightgowns ).

In other news : Alex is gearing up for the end of October trip. I'm trying to figure out if we are going to do a playdate here for Halloween or what, since Alex will be gone. I'm a bit sad that it doesn't look like much is going on yet!

Robby is terribly excited about the Florida Trip. Mila continues to do well with potty learning - next to no accidents! On a day to day basis, I'd consider her fully trained. We've got her in a pullup at night, but only because she gets an overnight feed... and it is *always* dry. Mila will even request help in removing " unnies " and going to washroom... no matter where we are! Its fabulous!

The K family extended seems to be doing quite well :-) Nothing to report there.

On a seperate note... the other day, I took the kids to the Dabric Store but Mila had a nuclear melt down while waiting for the fabric to be cut - a few yards each of some spectacularly priced jersey ( tshirt material ). But we had to just leave because she was absolutely hysterical. ( Turned out she was tired. She fell asleep on the 1 minute carride home! ) I was pretty annoyed because I'd dug this fabric out from the back wall, and I KNEW that the minute it as " exposed " to the masses, it'd be snatched up.

Well, yesterday I went back to see if I could get any more of the awesome butterfly print that I'd used for some nightgowns. And wouldn't you know it, they'd put it aside for me, knowing that I'd be back within a few days for it! EVERYTHING I had picked out had been put aside next to a cutting table on hold. I was so thrilled I could cry. I bought : 2 yards of blue micro velvet, 1 yard of pink and purple stripes, 1 yard of green stretchy stuff, 2 yards of blue butterflies, 2 yards of pink and yellow flowers, and 2 yards of blue and yellow flowers. It's WELL over $100 of fabric. And I paid... 29 dollars. Gotta love finding those pink 70% off stickers! I can't wait to create from them!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Stop shopping

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Cuteness Comments

Things that have issued from the mouth of my 4.5 year old :

" Mom, the doggy won't play fudge with me! Watch, FUDGE deedee, FUDGE! " ( Fetch! )

" Mommy, is that a golfin? " ( Dolphin )

" Are we going to the Dabric store? " ( Fabric)

It is so cute but I know these days are ending soon!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Things are going CRAZY!

Things here at Casa De Kagan are going crazy. That's right.... downright insanely crazy.

Robby is his normal great self. He's really treating his sister as a human being most of the time, and doing a fantastic job of being a four year old boy, with all of the things that four year old boys *do*.

Mila is potty trained. She is in pullups at night but during the day ?? Undies. 100%. She pees and poops on the potty. No accidents at ALL!!!! While I would say she has potty *learned*, she is by no means potty independant. She still requires that I help her - she remembers to go but she can't get her undies off fast enough by herself. I don't mind at all... dumping the potty into the toilet is a heck of a lot easier than wiping a squirmy wormy rolling around on the floor child!

Alex is doing okay at work. Not great... but there are a few sales coming in here and there. There are some up coming shows, including Goddard and the New York trip, so we're really banking on those for some cash inflow. Here is hoping!

And me? I'm crazy busy. My etsy shop ( www.colordynamic.etsy.com ) is selling quite a bit!!! I think we are nearing 15 sales! Yesterday, I had TWO in FIVE MINUTES!!!! HOOORAY! It is very funny - I bid on an Alchemy request to make a nightgown, and it turns out the lady is from my special needs board. Crazy small world, eh?

Go ahead and pop over to www.colordynamic.blogspot.com and have a peek at all my projects! Just please - no comments!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Signs of a good playdate

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Monday, September 15, 2008


91 % of her ideal weight... Thank god. Things are looking up!!!
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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Many Prayers

Folks, it is not often that - asked for prayers. My dad is diabetic and suffered a seizure during a severe hypoglycemic episode monday night. Physically, he is sore and bruised. But more truthfully, both he and my mom are emotionally distraught.

It is very hard to be so far away at tis moment.
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Thursday, September 11, 2008


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Monday, September 8, 2008


Why, no! I'm *not* dead!

Just insanely busy!

Mila is doing fantastic! I had a moment of " oh wow " when the nurse weighed her... She's gained a WHOLE pound in just two weeks!! I'm so thrilled its disgusting! She's certainly eating more, too. So far today : three smarties, a hot dog, a piece of cheese, just slightly under 200 mls of formula, and 1/4 of a mini bagel.

Is this enough to live on? No. Its not. But its a GREAT start.

She still gets 400 mls overnight which is half her calories. But 1 pound in 2 weeks is just fantastic. FANTASTIC.

Robby is pushing his limits these days. PUSH PUSH PUSH. Some days I wonder how he survives!

In other news :

  • DeeDee peed in the bed again after a traumatic day. I am *not* pleased. I was very cold last night.
  • My etsy shop www.colordynamic.etsy.com is up and running. There have already been TWO sales! Check my blog www.colordynamic.blogspot.com for projects that are on-going.... but please.. no comments!
  • Michael flies in from Israel tomorrow. Please pray for a safe and easy flight home, and that he doesn't change his mind before the plane takes off.
  • Mila has three upcoming appointments : pediatrician sometime this week, feeding clinic & allergiest next week. Hopefully we'll get some great ideas about whats going on inside her.
  • Our January trip is booked and we are very very excited.

Not much else to report!

Monday, September 1, 2008

The skirt...

This skirt was designed with Mila in mind. They are my favorite fabrics - pieces that I bought because I loved them, but I haven't been able to actually CUT into them yet. Or I've made soemthing and I'm holding onto the scraps because I love it so much but they are too small to use.

Except, this skirt kept yelling at me. It yelled " I'm a gift. Give me away! "and it yelled " You know who I want to be! ".

And I'm going to listen. This skirt is going to Baby N.

Baby N is a Vietnamese baby awaiting her forever family. Mama & Papa M have two kids, one who has a mitochondrial disorder. Mama M belongs to my special needs parenting board, and part of her signature says " Waiting for baby N to come home from Vietnam. ". That line pulls at my heart every time I see it, and last night while I was making this skirt, Baby N was on my mind.

Being adopted is a very very special thing. As an adopted child, I have learned to feel " chosen " instead of " abandoned ". I honestly feel LUCKY to have been CHOSEN by the family I got. *My* forever family. And so, I have a soft spot for adopted children.

Especially children whose families are in for a long wait for them to arrive home. Baby N may have a lymphatic issue with one arm and is considered special needs. Her chances of adoption might have been slim if it wasn't for Mama M. She lives in an orphanage, for crying out loud, and it PULLS at my heart. Loudly. Mama M wants her baby to come home and they are looking at months and months of more waiting. Potentially as long as another 2-6 months. And it has already been months.

So when this skirt started yelling " SEND ME TO BABY N " I listened. Baby N - this is for you :-) Please come home to your Mommy & Daddy and Sister and Brother - they want you so badly!

Construction pictures

5 minutes from done....

Almost done...

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More sneaking peeks

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Sneak peek

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