Monday, September 8, 2008

Why, no! I'm *not* dead!

Just insanely busy!

Mila is doing fantastic! I had a moment of " oh wow " when the nurse weighed her... She's gained a WHOLE pound in just two weeks!! I'm so thrilled its disgusting! She's certainly eating more, too. So far today : three smarties, a hot dog, a piece of cheese, just slightly under 200 mls of formula, and 1/4 of a mini bagel.

Is this enough to live on? No. Its not. But its a GREAT start.

She still gets 400 mls overnight which is half her calories. But 1 pound in 2 weeks is just fantastic. FANTASTIC.

Robby is pushing his limits these days. PUSH PUSH PUSH. Some days I wonder how he survives!

In other news :

  • DeeDee peed in the bed again after a traumatic day. I am *not* pleased. I was very cold last night.
  • My etsy shop is up and running. There have already been TWO sales! Check my blog for projects that are on-going.... but please.. no comments!
  • Michael flies in from Israel tomorrow. Please pray for a safe and easy flight home, and that he doesn't change his mind before the plane takes off.
  • Mila has three upcoming appointments : pediatrician sometime this week, feeding clinic & allergiest next week. Hopefully we'll get some great ideas about whats going on inside her.
  • Our January trip is booked and we are very very excited.

Not much else to report!


RissaRoo said...

Awesome etsy ideas! You are brilliant :o) So glad that Mila is doing well, too...what a joy!

Michelle said...

Hey Girl, that is such GREAT news about Mila! A whole POUND, woweeee! You must tell me about your trip soon. Sounds exciting. I'm just getting ready to head out to my adventures in babysitting, I'll check your etsy tonight :) HUGS