Monday, September 1, 2008

The skirt...

This skirt was designed with Mila in mind. They are my favorite fabrics - pieces that I bought because I loved them, but I haven't been able to actually CUT into them yet. Or I've made soemthing and I'm holding onto the scraps because I love it so much but they are too small to use.

Except, this skirt kept yelling at me. It yelled " I'm a gift. Give me away! "and it yelled " You know who I want to be! ".

And I'm going to listen. This skirt is going to Baby N.

Baby N is a Vietnamese baby awaiting her forever family. Mama & Papa M have two kids, one who has a mitochondrial disorder. Mama M belongs to my special needs parenting board, and part of her signature says " Waiting for baby N to come home from Vietnam. ". That line pulls at my heart every time I see it, and last night while I was making this skirt, Baby N was on my mind.

Being adopted is a very very special thing. As an adopted child, I have learned to feel " chosen " instead of " abandoned ". I honestly feel LUCKY to have been CHOSEN by the family I got. *My* forever family. And so, I have a soft spot for adopted children.

Especially children whose families are in for a long wait for them to arrive home. Baby N may have a lymphatic issue with one arm and is considered special needs. Her chances of adoption might have been slim if it wasn't for Mama M. She lives in an orphanage, for crying out loud, and it PULLS at my heart. Loudly. Mama M wants her baby to come home and they are looking at months and months of more waiting. Potentially as long as another 2-6 months. And it has already been months.

So when this skirt started yelling " SEND ME TO BABY N " I listened. Baby N - this is for you :-) Please come home to your Mommy & Daddy and Sister and Brother - they want you so badly!


RissaRoo said...

You warmed my heart with this post! It's going to be such a beautiful skirt (*love* the colorful patches!), and I can just picture little baby N twirling happily around in it, and flying into her forever mommy's arms for a big hug! Please let us know when she gets to come home...that waiting must be so hard for her parents.

GRANDPA said...