Thursday, May 31, 2007

more pics

I am nursing at the keyboard so this post will be short..... Robby hates having his pic taken, but Mila doesnt mind much! Therefore, lots of Mila.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Its getting boring......

..... starting each post with " All is well "... but thank goodness its TRUE!

Life is settling down back into a routine. Alex is back on 5 days on, 2 off, which really helps the whole situation with dinner, etc etc. The weather has warmed up. Mila is not sleeping a wink, and certainly didn't sleep close to SIX HOURS last night. ( said in order not to jinx this TERRIBLE trend ). Robby has adjusted quite well to going to bed at 9 or 9:15 rather than 10-12 at night.

We've decided to give ourselves a little challenge. We know a LOT of money is going out for stupid things - Coffee, Starbucks, McDonalds, Lunch Out, Ice Cream, etc etc etc. Starting on our return from Calgary Tuesday night, we are budgeting. It IS a contest, too!

Each ( adult ) family member will get 100$ in cash for the month. This 100$ includes any meal out that could have been made at home ( coffee, muffin, lunch out, etc ), any treats ( ice cream, cigarretes for those who smoke ) frivolous stuff ( soda, snacks, cute hair bows for mila, fabric ). The first one who needs to swipe the debit card for a purchase LOSES!

Each week, if it is *my* day to make Alex lunch, and I do not, *I* have to put out the money for him to buy it. If he forgets to make it, he puts out. If he runs out of money, its a slice of pizza from his brother. If I run out, no extras for me either. Hopefully, we'll be able to control whats going on with the spending. Since the Calgary trip will be expensive, and the move will be expensive.............

Sunday night after work we will be heading directly to Calgary. Monday AM we will be at the consulate. Tuesday will be the zoo, then home for the week.

A personal challenge to myself is to make dinner every night and bring it to Alex. I know how much he hates the mall food, and how much he appreciates it when I DO bring it to him....... So I am going to try harder.

I am also going to try to have breakfast stuff ready for him to take to work with him. Generally, he buys a muffin or two and a coffee each morning. I figure that this is something I can very easily do FOR him.. Coffee in the cup and a muffin or two, reasonably freshly baked!

Lets see how we do!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Official Statistics

Mila had her 3 month check up today. She weighs 10 lbs 12 ounces, 61.5 centimetres in length. In other words, she's tiny but still perfectly in her percentile. In fact, she's quite long - 60% for height! YAY Mila!

The ped also thinks we might start her on cereal at 4 months. I am not so sure - Health Canada & the WHO ( World Health Organization ) suggest that babies NOT start cereal and solid foods until 6 months, and thats what I had planned on. However, he does think it may bulk her up and help her sleep longer at night. I am just so torn - she's so little and I don't see her being able to sit independantly any time soon.... I will have to do more reasearch.


Sunday, May 27, 2007

Too Cute for WORDS!

Happy Days

We are loving life these days! Warmer weather, Boola's improving health, lots of outdoorsy stuff, and the return of 2 days off a week for Alex, and an ever growing more delightful Mila, and lastly, but in no way least, relatively good behavior from Robby! Mind you, I did say relatively!

Some utter gigglishness:

Some cute boy stuff too :

Monday, May 21, 2007

All is Well

All is well in the Kagan household! I've been taking Robby for walk each night and to the park at least every few days. He is certainly feeling the outdoor love these days! Last night, he picked Daddy a tree branch with some cute pink flowers. Primrose, maybe? ( At least, that was the name of the complex, and the flowers looked similar...... heheeehee! )

Mila is doing well too! She's being transitioned into her basinette right now - while she is awake, she nurses in bed with me - but after she is asleep, she is moved into the basinette where I have rigged ( unsafely, unsecurely ) the mobile for her. Sometimes, I've even managed to put her in sleepy but not completely asleep and let her gaze at the mobile. Like this :

And she'll FALL ASLEEP!!! Amazing!

Here is a picture of her in the copper sling I had commissioned from Chrystil : isn't it lovely???

Saturday, May 19, 2007

My favorite sling

Gratuitous Picture Post

The bowl of dandelion heads from mother's day.

Mr. Man Playing in the Sand

Photo Post

I will try to uplaod pictures later. Right now, blogger is using the washroom. ( taking a s..t)

Lazy Blogger

So y'all can nominate me for the worst, laziest blogger. How does that sound?

Mila is doing well - she's finally outgrown a few newborn sized outfits! There are a few 0-3 that she might outgrow soon too, but lots of 0-3 she hasn't grown INTO yet! She has one 6 month outfit she fits in, but I have a feeling its been seriously shrunk before we recieved it!

Robby is also doing really well. He's still being really naughty during the day while we are at home or out at the mall. However, if I engage him at the park with play, occupy him with playdates, etc, he's been much better at home. Thus, I fulfill two goals at once - carry mila more in the sling, and get Robby out of the house. Too bad its been raining so much!

I am still trying to find hats that fit mila, and found a cute little bonnet. It does have an open back though, so I'm still looking for a 0-3 month sunhat that will fit her. Any takers?

As most of you know, we are moving at the end of July to a bigger place. My goal for this month is to be out as much as possible, but make the beds every day. Why the beds? Cause it makes the whole room look neater!

I also want to buy a scale and just track how my weight is going. Alex continually says I look great, for which I adore him, but I'd like some numbers to see if the weight is actually going down. It would help if I didn't eat such crap, but sometimes thats life!

Pictures to come in the next post!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

To all those mothers out there, congratulations on making it to another Mother's Day without killing your children. Sometimes thats an accomplishment all on its own!!!

Both kids continue to do well and tomorrow is my pamper day.

Today, Robby ran off and came back with a handful of crushed, damp dandelion heads. It was the best mother's day gift ever.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

May 10

Life is pretty good these days. I am feeling really great with the better weather! I must have gotten myself into a funk when it began snowing after my birthday again. I really really despise snow! But now the trees are beginning to bloom and we've had a few days where it really was warm enough to go without a jacket, if not nearly warm enough to wear shorts. I am about to break out the sandals! I'd really like a manicure / pedicure / haircut for Mother's day, so we'll see how that goes. HINT HINT!

Robby is doing well.. but he has been pretty naughty while we are out. He delights in running away. That drives me insane, but we are working on it. I think he's also running low on energy - I've been keeping him out and about lately! As soon as the CTB hits, he'll be enrolled in some sort of camp for the summer - we should be getting quite the back tax for the 11 months we've been here, plus the 300 the month we'll still be getting. That will go a LONG WAYS to helping me relax :-) I am hoping he can go three days a week for a full day - but I'm not sure that will happen. We will see what I can find... I'd really rather he be in a real preschool type setting at this point - I'm just not sure we can afford it...........

Mila is also doing well. The more I carry her, the calmer she becomes. I don't know how people do it without slings ... I am really enjoying her cute smiles and the beginnings of giggles. She's growing too and is beginning to fit in some of her larger outfits! YAY!

Pictures tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I'm lazy

I know I know, I haven't been posting much but we've been BUSY!

First - the Boola Update. Boola is up and walking about, though she is still in the hospital. I know she had a gastroscopy today to check out for the reflux. She is still complaining of terrible pain, but honestly, she seems MUCH better. When i saw her walking, she was BOOKING it down the hallway at a great clip. I'm happy to say that she has been moved to the rehab ward, and although there is no discharge plan yet, she seems like she is in good spirits!

Mila continues to have colicky nights, but I am thinking that I have it figured out now. The more we are out, the more I wear her. The more I wear her, the less she cries during the day. The less she cries during the day, the less she cries at night. VOILA! I know it now! I just need to stay out ALL DAY! Park here we come! Mall three days a week! Walking outside! Yes, sir! I hear you, child, you want to be out and about!

Robby is doing really well too. He certainly is enjoying the weather! Though, I might sell him on Ebay if he jumps in the fountain again! That makes me so mad!

I'm loving my new slings but I haven't gotten any pictures yet. I promise to take some pictures tomorrow at the park if I can remember the camera.............