Saturday, May 19, 2007

Lazy Blogger

So y'all can nominate me for the worst, laziest blogger. How does that sound?

Mila is doing well - she's finally outgrown a few newborn sized outfits! There are a few 0-3 that she might outgrow soon too, but lots of 0-3 she hasn't grown INTO yet! She has one 6 month outfit she fits in, but I have a feeling its been seriously shrunk before we recieved it!

Robby is also doing really well. He's still being really naughty during the day while we are at home or out at the mall. However, if I engage him at the park with play, occupy him with playdates, etc, he's been much better at home. Thus, I fulfill two goals at once - carry mila more in the sling, and get Robby out of the house. Too bad its been raining so much!

I am still trying to find hats that fit mila, and found a cute little bonnet. It does have an open back though, so I'm still looking for a 0-3 month sunhat that will fit her. Any takers?

As most of you know, we are moving at the end of July to a bigger place. My goal for this month is to be out as much as possible, but make the beds every day. Why the beds? Cause it makes the whole room look neater!

I also want to buy a scale and just track how my weight is going. Alex continually says I look great, for which I adore him, but I'd like some numbers to see if the weight is actually going down. It would help if I didn't eat such crap, but sometimes thats life!

Pictures to come in the next post!

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