Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I'm lazy

I know I know, I haven't been posting much but we've been BUSY!

First - the Boola Update. Boola is up and walking about, though she is still in the hospital. I know she had a gastroscopy today to check out for the reflux. She is still complaining of terrible pain, but honestly, she seems MUCH better. When i saw her walking, she was BOOKING it down the hallway at a great clip. I'm happy to say that she has been moved to the rehab ward, and although there is no discharge plan yet, she seems like she is in good spirits!

Mila continues to have colicky nights, but I am thinking that I have it figured out now. The more we are out, the more I wear her. The more I wear her, the less she cries during the day. The less she cries during the day, the less she cries at night. VOILA! I know it now! I just need to stay out ALL DAY! Park here we come! Mall three days a week! Walking outside! Yes, sir! I hear you, child, you want to be out and about!

Robby is doing really well too. He certainly is enjoying the weather! Though, I might sell him on Ebay if he jumps in the fountain again! That makes me so mad!

I'm loving my new slings but I haven't gotten any pictures yet. I promise to take some pictures tomorrow at the park if I can remember the camera.............

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