Monday, May 21, 2007

All is Well

All is well in the Kagan household! I've been taking Robby for walk each night and to the park at least every few days. He is certainly feeling the outdoor love these days! Last night, he picked Daddy a tree branch with some cute pink flowers. Primrose, maybe? ( At least, that was the name of the complex, and the flowers looked similar...... heheeehee! )

Mila is doing well too! She's being transitioned into her basinette right now - while she is awake, she nurses in bed with me - but after she is asleep, she is moved into the basinette where I have rigged ( unsafely, unsecurely ) the mobile for her. Sometimes, I've even managed to put her in sleepy but not completely asleep and let her gaze at the mobile. Like this :

And she'll FALL ASLEEP!!! Amazing!

Here is a picture of her in the copper sling I had commissioned from Chrystil : isn't it lovely???

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