Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Its getting boring......

..... starting each post with " All is well "... but thank goodness its TRUE!

Life is settling down back into a routine. Alex is back on 5 days on, 2 off, which really helps the whole situation with dinner, etc etc. The weather has warmed up. Mila is not sleeping a wink, and certainly didn't sleep close to SIX HOURS last night. ( said in order not to jinx this TERRIBLE trend ). Robby has adjusted quite well to going to bed at 9 or 9:15 rather than 10-12 at night.

We've decided to give ourselves a little challenge. We know a LOT of money is going out for stupid things - Coffee, Starbucks, McDonalds, Lunch Out, Ice Cream, etc etc etc. Starting on our return from Calgary Tuesday night, we are budgeting. It IS a contest, too!

Each ( adult ) family member will get 100$ in cash for the month. This 100$ includes any meal out that could have been made at home ( coffee, muffin, lunch out, etc ), any treats ( ice cream, cigarretes for those who smoke ) frivolous stuff ( soda, snacks, cute hair bows for mila, fabric ). The first one who needs to swipe the debit card for a purchase LOSES!

Each week, if it is *my* day to make Alex lunch, and I do not, *I* have to put out the money for him to buy it. If he forgets to make it, he puts out. If he runs out of money, its a slice of pizza from his brother. If I run out, no extras for me either. Hopefully, we'll be able to control whats going on with the spending. Since the Calgary trip will be expensive, and the move will be expensive.............

Sunday night after work we will be heading directly to Calgary. Monday AM we will be at the consulate. Tuesday will be the zoo, then home for the week.

A personal challenge to myself is to make dinner every night and bring it to Alex. I know how much he hates the mall food, and how much he appreciates it when I DO bring it to him....... So I am going to try harder.

I am also going to try to have breakfast stuff ready for him to take to work with him. Generally, he buys a muffin or two and a coffee each morning. I figure that this is something I can very easily do FOR him.. Coffee in the cup and a muffin or two, reasonably freshly baked!

Lets see how we do!

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