Thursday, May 10, 2007

May 10

Life is pretty good these days. I am feeling really great with the better weather! I must have gotten myself into a funk when it began snowing after my birthday again. I really really despise snow! But now the trees are beginning to bloom and we've had a few days where it really was warm enough to go without a jacket, if not nearly warm enough to wear shorts. I am about to break out the sandals! I'd really like a manicure / pedicure / haircut for Mother's day, so we'll see how that goes. HINT HINT!

Robby is doing well.. but he has been pretty naughty while we are out. He delights in running away. That drives me insane, but we are working on it. I think he's also running low on energy - I've been keeping him out and about lately! As soon as the CTB hits, he'll be enrolled in some sort of camp for the summer - we should be getting quite the back tax for the 11 months we've been here, plus the 300 the month we'll still be getting. That will go a LONG WAYS to helping me relax :-) I am hoping he can go three days a week for a full day - but I'm not sure that will happen. We will see what I can find... I'd really rather he be in a real preschool type setting at this point - I'm just not sure we can afford it...........

Mila is also doing well. The more I carry her, the calmer she becomes. I don't know how people do it without slings ... I am really enjoying her cute smiles and the beginnings of giggles. She's growing too and is beginning to fit in some of her larger outfits! YAY!

Pictures tomorrow!

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