Saturday, September 20, 2008

Things are going CRAZY!

Things here at Casa De Kagan are going crazy. That's right.... downright insanely crazy.

Robby is his normal great self. He's really treating his sister as a human being most of the time, and doing a fantastic job of being a four year old boy, with all of the things that four year old boys *do*.

Mila is potty trained. She is in pullups at night but during the day ?? Undies. 100%. She pees and poops on the potty. No accidents at ALL!!!! While I would say she has potty *learned*, she is by no means potty independant. She still requires that I help her - she remembers to go but she can't get her undies off fast enough by herself. I don't mind at all... dumping the potty into the toilet is a heck of a lot easier than wiping a squirmy wormy rolling around on the floor child!

Alex is doing okay at work. Not great... but there are a few sales coming in here and there. There are some up coming shows, including Goddard and the New York trip, so we're really banking on those for some cash inflow. Here is hoping!

And me? I'm crazy busy. My etsy shop ( ) is selling quite a bit!!! I think we are nearing 15 sales! Yesterday, I had TWO in FIVE MINUTES!!!! HOOORAY! It is very funny - I bid on an Alchemy request to make a nightgown, and it turns out the lady is from my special needs board. Crazy small world, eh?

Go ahead and pop over to and have a peek at all my projects! Just please - no comments!

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