Sunday, September 28, 2008

And it goes like this............

My Etsy business is doing well. I've had close to 20 sales already! Most have been low priced graphics, but I did have a $27 sale of nightgowns, and a $200 order for an ENTIRE warddrobe! HOORAY. A good bit of the warddrobe has been cut but none's been sewed yet.

Pending orders : Wardrobe ( 5 pants, 5 shirts, 1 skirt, 2 legwarmers ), Carseat strap covers ( one for an adult, two for Mila ).

Possible pending orders : Graphics & a Fleece Poncho for a special needs child ( along with nightgowns ).

In other news : Alex is gearing up for the end of October trip. I'm trying to figure out if we are going to do a playdate here for Halloween or what, since Alex will be gone. I'm a bit sad that it doesn't look like much is going on yet!

Robby is terribly excited about the Florida Trip. Mila continues to do well with potty learning - next to no accidents! On a day to day basis, I'd consider her fully trained. We've got her in a pullup at night, but only because she gets an overnight feed... and it is *always* dry. Mila will even request help in removing " unnies " and going to washroom... no matter where we are! Its fabulous!

The K family extended seems to be doing quite well :-) Nothing to report there.

On a seperate note... the other day, I took the kids to the Dabric Store but Mila had a nuclear melt down while waiting for the fabric to be cut - a few yards each of some spectacularly priced jersey ( tshirt material ). But we had to just leave because she was absolutely hysterical. ( Turned out she was tired. She fell asleep on the 1 minute carride home! ) I was pretty annoyed because I'd dug this fabric out from the back wall, and I KNEW that the minute it as " exposed " to the masses, it'd be snatched up.

Well, yesterday I went back to see if I could get any more of the awesome butterfly print that I'd used for some nightgowns. And wouldn't you know it, they'd put it aside for me, knowing that I'd be back within a few days for it! EVERYTHING I had picked out had been put aside next to a cutting table on hold. I was so thrilled I could cry. I bought : 2 yards of blue micro velvet, 1 yard of pink and purple stripes, 1 yard of green stretchy stuff, 2 yards of blue butterflies, 2 yards of pink and yellow flowers, and 2 yards of blue and yellow flowers. It's WELL over $100 of fabric. And I paid... 29 dollars. Gotta love finding those pink 70% off stickers! I can't wait to create from them!!!

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