Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Dear Mom and Dad -

Happy Anniversary! Its a big one this year, eh? You should be so proud of the accomplishment - so many couples end up down the D road. You've certainly made it for the long haul! This may be the first year that I do not *send* a gift - the funds just don't allow it right now. But I don't want you to think I forgot. I'll call tonight, but in the mantime, I'd like to shout to the whole wide world.... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

In other news, I made a pair of track pants to go along with Mila's cute hat. They are a little long, and they took me longer than I would like to admit ( and two tries... th first ones suffered some unfortunet accidents ). Next I'll be making Robby some PJ's and finishing the curtains for alex and my room.

Mila is certainly getting around on the crawling thing. Oh, the places I find her! This morning, I blocked the kitchen off with the exersaucer only to have her crawl through it!And then not an hour later did she attempt to climb the stairs!!!! STAIRS!!! We must baby proof in rapid order... Any suggestions on how to block off a 7 foot openeing!?

1 comment:

GRANDPA said...

Thank You very much for remembering.
That's MUCH MUCH more important than any gift.