Saturday, October 27, 2007

I'm not dead!

I know, I know, I'm a bad Mommy blogger! I have been uber popular this week... Makes me feel really good. I finally feel like I have a friend base in this cold, desolate wasteland they call "Canada". I see Sarah once a week, I see Raelynn, I see Becky, I see Jenn once a month or so. And I just met a new mommy, Elisa. I have the AP meeting, the BW meeting, and I'm looking for a library story group once or twice a month. Not to mention the AP playgroup, which I happen to be hosting this month. Yes, I volunteered for that. Not sure how I got roped into taking the *October* group, but I'm doing a Halloween party, followed by mass trick-or-treating at the WEM afterwards. I'm figuring everyone can park here and just walk across, considering the closest door is oh, 50 feet away.

There will be candy baggies for the kids - need to find some natural candy. I'm already considering fruit bars, some form of chocolate, and maybe some stickers of some sort. I know Sarah is coming, I know Elisa is coming, I know Raelynn is coming. One of the Laura's said they are coming too... So already, with my two.... thats um... a whole hell of a lot of kids in our apartment. Somewhere upwards of TEN. ARGH! What is WRONG with mee!?!! And getting all the dietary requirements... Elisa doesn't do gluten, some of the moms are off dairy... I foresee a veggie tray!

Oh, the kids? One crawls. AGH! CRAWLING! The other is a good boy.

And we joined a gym. Pictures tomorrow!

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