Thursday, November 1, 2007


Crazy Crazy day! First, we started off with The Party. I got way, way more moms than I expected, and people were still calling the morning of the party to ask for our address. How does one say no? Actually, you don't say no. You allow eight ZILLION kids to come and destroy your house, feed them remarkably healthy food and watch as they all forget the goody bags that you so lovingly prepared them...Because the moms won't let them eat candy. Poor dears! Surprisingly though, noone was injured, nothing was broken, no one threw up or pooped on the carpet or on anyone else's parent, and only a single stain was left. It was an unfortunet incident involving somewhere close to nine gazillion crawling babies and a coffee cup left unattended. However, everyone had fun at the party, and I'm considering doing it again. Remind me next time how much clean up there really was afterwards.

We followed up the party with mass trick or treating in the worlds largest mall. Talk about one hell of a cool thing to do, minus the seven hundred and forty two gazillion screaming, sugar high children running around with candy on the horizon. We started off as a group of seven, two left early, and Sarah and I forced the kids to continue until they were so exhausted that they dropped. And then we stole their booty.

All in all, it was one HECK of an awsome Halloween. And damned if it isn't colder than hell out now!

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