Saturday, December 20, 2008

Operation FLY

Operation FlyLady is still in effect! I'm happy to report that the house looks good, everyone is reasonably healthy and happy... except for the car.

Oh dear, oh dear, the car. It saddens me - greatly - to inform you all that the car is in the shop and quite ill.

The car suffered a bout of hypothermia ( much like everything else when the temperature hits -35*c ) and refused to growl to life a few days ago, despite repeated attempts. Further investigation revealed it had been unplugged by our neighbors. Sadly, it was within their rights to unplug as we had not plugged it in correctly to *our* spot, instead, into theirs.

My FIL came to the rescue and jumped the car. HOORAY!

Except that the very next morning, despite being plugged in, the car again refused to start. Enter, stage right, FIL to the rescue again. The car, however, did not start. In fact, other than a short moaning sound, it did nothing at all. ( Disclaimer.... moaning sound may have come from Hubby )

Hubby and FIL determined the battery was unsaveable, and hit the store for a new one. They installed the battery, but again, it did not start. They decided to jump it again...

This is where Murphy's law comes into effect : the cables went onto the car backwards, resulting in a small explosion and the utter deaddeadness of said car. Enter AMA.

The car now resides at the mechanics, and hopefully, HOPEFULLY, it will come home again.

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GRANDPA said...

If you hook ME up backwards,I'll explode also.!!!!!