Monday, December 22, 2008

FLYing through Hanukkah

Mila and Robby standing in front of the big pile of gifts. They were SO EXCITED.

Here is where FLYing comes in. This is my dirty but beloved Menorah. My mother bought it for me, and it was one of the ( few ) things that really screams " I'm JEWISH " to me. Alex has a similarly colored one, equally as disgusting. I don't know what they are made of ( I assume silver plated ) but I can't use harsh chemicals to clean them. And I really wanted them clean and shiny for Hanukkah. My house looks so good, I didn't want to light really awful looking Menorahs!

Enter baking soda toothpaste! Its hard to tell, but the whole Menorah just sparkles and shines, and it really lit up my heart.

Robby and Mila, eagerly setting up the Menorah under Uncle Michael's supervision. I didn't know, but only 1 person can light 1 menorah. You cannot light two. So Alex lit one ( complete with prayers ) and I lit the other ( complete with prayers ). The kids were entranced.

The Menorahs shortly after dinner.

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RissaRoo said...

The Menorahs are beautiful! Happy Hanukkah to you and your sweet family, it's so wonderful to see everyone so happy and healthy! Mila's smile just lights up the room, doesn't it! Beautiful.