Monday, December 22, 2008

Opening presents!

Ms. Thang was SO EXCITED to choose her present!

Robby opening 1 present while Mila opens the other. Everyone is watching, excited to see what they get.

Mila was grinning the whole time, once she figured out how to get the wrapping paper from hell off her gift.

Looks at her grin! Hanukkah might be her favorite holdiay! Robby was smiling too, but he hadn't seen what Mila had yet. ( These presents are for sharing. )

Mila experimenting with her new aquadoodle. SHE LOVES IT! So does Robby! I was amazed at how long they played with it!

1 comment:

GRANDPA said...

Grandma & Grandpa in Flordida PARTICULARLY liked the fourth shot from the top showing both kids with their Aquadoodle.
It's now our desktop.