Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wrapping up birthdays!

The last of the April birthdays is over. Michael will have his celebration Sunday, and that will mark the last of this crazy month!!

Robby got clothes, a new winter jacket, rollerblades, a Leapster with games, a giant transformer, a glow in the dark ant farm, books, and two handheld games. I baked him a Volcano Cake, took him to starbucks and bought him spiderman hangers and a new piggy bank.

( The day might have been more successful minus the starbucks, which was NOT decaf... )

Now, we can concentrate on baby three to be! We have the carseats, the playpen, the swing, the stroller, the sling. There needs to be re-arranging and pulling from storage and purging and cleaning and set up... More diapers to sew! Cloth wipes and soakers to sew! Dressing gowns and baby caps... The house needs to be cleaned and organized and my parents are coming.

It is just all SO SOON! (And yet, not aoon enough )
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