Saturday, April 28, 2007

New Pictures!

Boola is doing about the same. I have to say though, she LOOKS much better, although she says she is still having a LOT of pain in her back, ribs, and head. She also has quite the goose-egg where she hit her head. She also seems to have her sense of humor back - I absolutely saw her teasing her younger brother!

I finally got the desk put together. Robby is totally enjoying painting! I limit him to 1 paper per day so that he learns to use his space ( rather than one drop of paint on the paper, then a new one... ) and he is experimenting well. I force him to use the paintbrush correctly, too. He has a special cup for paint water, and he's mastered " swish, swish, tap tap! " to get the brush clean between paint dips. He takes delight in putting a dot of black in each tub though - it drives me batty! Here are some pictures of the desk from hell, and his artwork.

Mila had her first vaccinations yesterday, which she absolutely, 100% was not impressed with! She cried for the first one, hiccupped pitifully during the second, and waiiiiiiiiiiiiiillllllllled after the third. She then continued to cry all day. And most of today, as well. Her legs are pretty sore, I think - yesterday she couldn't bear for them to be touched... That makes carrying her in arms rather difficult. In fact, she couldn't even tolerate the ring sling or pouch, so I put her in my homemade wrap ( 16+ feet of fabric, 35 inches wide ) which seemed to help. If I had half a brain left, I would have put her in the Mei Tai.

Mila is also growing! YAY! Her weight is 9.12 lbs, height/length 23.25 inches, and head circumference of 37 cm. That puts her in the 25th% for weight, 50th% for height, and 20% for head circumference. She's a tiny peanut and looks even smaller when I've got her legs folded under in the pouch or RS. She's not even VISIBLE in the MT yet!

Alex is doing okay at work, though it seems that he will be working 6 days a week for a while until new people are trained. I hope this ends quickly because I really enjoy having him home to help out. Raising two littles is tough - I don't know how some people do it with MUCH larger families! I find it hard to believe that at some point I wanted 5 kids. What's WRONG with me???

In fact, Alex REALLY helped out tonight!!! He did ALL the dishes, cleared the table, allowed me to order pizza, kicked the soccer ball with Robby, and got Mila to sleep. Then he made me some soup at night. He's fantastic... I am such a lucky ducky!

I guess you want pictures, hmmm?

Robby's artwork and painting. I did the brown R obviously... But I think he will take after Mommy artistically.

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