Friday, July 31, 2009

Getting in our sunshine!

Raggy Quilt that I made for Kim's baby OLIVIA.. Nearly impossible to see but I embroidered her name in the bottom square.
Shayla giggles and coos at her mobile these days!
Danica holding baby Shayla. Dannica calls me " Sarah Kaganovsky " every single time she speaks to me. She says " I would like to hold Sarah' Kaganovsky's baby. " and " Are we going to see Sarah Kaganovsky? " and " Look! There is Sarah Kaganovsky! "

Shayla and her bestest buddy MADISON.

Just look at the size difference. Madison is only 6 weeks older but she's got an enormous head and Shayla has a wee head!


GRANDPA said...

Shayla's head looks just the right size to me. - MOM

Laura said...

Wow..she really has your eyes!