Saturday, July 4, 2009

To My Dad,

Dear Dad,

Many years ago - shortly after I was given my Echo - you and I had a fight. I've long since forgotten what the fight was about, and honestly, given my flair for the dramatic in my teen years, I'm confident that the fight was petty.

We fought and I decided that I'd give you the silent treatment. I have no idea how long it lasted, either. Not long after, I met a friend at the diner for breakfast. After breakfast I discovered that I had locked my keys in the car... With the car still running. Brilliant, eh?

I had to suck it up and call you to come and unlock the car for me. So much for my silent treatment. I was so embarrassed to have to call you after I'd been so nasty. But I did call.

You never laughed or scolded me. You didn't refuse ( something I am sure I would have done ). You simply drove over and unlocked my door. In your mind, that is what a parent does.

It has probably been 10 years, but I think of this often. Especially now that my own kids are growing, and father's day rolls around. You handled that situation with dignity and I hope that someday I can demonstrate to my own children exactly how a parent handles things.

I'm not sure I ever thanked you, either.

So, um, thanks!

( Originally posted on father's day, but lost due to blogger issues! )
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1 comment:

GRANDPA said...

Sarah;When you called me with this on father's day; the fact that you remembered this incident(I didn't)was possibly the best fathers' day gift I could get.
Posting it publicly makes it even better.