Saturday, July 11, 2009


Most women will agree : shopping post partum is a lesson in humility. Nothing fits, and the woman in the mirror does not resemble you in the slightest. But truth be told, she is you, that IS your body... And the clothes you wanted to buy? Won't fit for months, if ever.

Pregnancy changes your body the same way that motherhood changes your mind. There are no more skimpy cocktail dresses, no more bikinis. No more high heels, no short shorts or mini skirts.

A few weeks ago, I started shopping for tomorrows baby shower. I was well aware that the size 14 jeans I owned wouldn't biudge past midthigh. Even spme of my sweat pants looked painted on. I wasn't surprised when a size 16 didn't fit. But I was appalled when the size 18 just barely zipped and was quite obviously too toight.

Nursing is supposed to burn huge calories but no one warns you bout the ravenous hunger that accompanies that calorie burn. I've suddenly taken to needing breakfast the moment I wake up, followed by a snack, lunch, two snacks, dinner, and a midnight meal. The constant hunger combined with a squalling infant attached to you makes you reach for grabola bars and pb&j. Healthy foods aren't appealing, and worse, its hard to make and eat a salad while nursing a squirmy child who depends on you for every ounce of the meal at all hours of the day.

I was so disheartened though. I vowed to go to the gym, and I did. The scale remains resolutely - steadfast - at 180.

But yesterday? I tried on a size 18. It dropped to the floor. The 16 was swimming. Even the size 14 was big. Admittedly, I did not press my luck and attempt a 12. But I bought the 14 and came home with a smile instead of tears.
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GRANDPA said...

Good for you. There are plenty of slim moms who have had 3 kids. You'll get there, I'm sure. - MOM