Friday, August 22, 2008

All Around Updates

Mommy : Needs more coffee. Needs more sleep. May need both in alternating doses in order to function. Laundry is nearly caught up, dishes are all caught up, and a delicious smelling dinner is cooking away in the slow cooker. It smells so good that I am STARVING TO DEATH. Lunch will be refried beans with cheese & taco sauce, rolled up in a burrito. There may even be ONIONS.

Robby : Is on his last day of camp. The last day of swimming was cancelled because the pool was broken. Cheap shot to the poor kids. They did go to safeway instead, and got cookies, apples, and apple juice. I don't think he made any real friends at camp that will carry over to the year. We are researching playschool for him. And I think he's going through a growth spurt because he's eating me out of house and home. ( Cheese Mommy? Crackers? Can I have a pudding? Applesauce? Cereal? Waffle? Two waffles! )

Alex : Work sucks. Ori's wedding is coming up and although Alex is looking forward to going to his buddies wedding, I don't think he is looking forward to this trip AT ALL.

Mila : 21 pounds, 13 oz. FAT BABY. Not really, still on the 10% weight for height. Better than off the charts. Had a huge tubey vomit last night and missed the whole darn feeding. Or rather, she slept in it!

Apartment Update : We had workers come to fix the house...

Cabinets won't stay closed. Fixed by hanging doors even more crookedly.

Kitchen sink flapper knobs leak. Fixed by replacing knobs with bathroom knobs.

Backdoor has gaps. Fixed ( sorta ) by silicon caulking the entire door frame. Um... okay.

Bathroom tub faucet leaks and cannot be turned off. Shower runs while tub spout is in use.
No water for 15 hours. No toilet. No kitchen, no laundry, no bathroom.

Fixed by repeated trips to the hardware store, calls to the landlord, and a shower hose. Ugly, but functional. Killed the water pressure though!

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