Sunday, August 24, 2008

The end of summer...

I find myself only slightly sad that summer is over. The hot days, the extra sunshine... I know, early on into fall, that its slipping away. It is getting dark earlier, and staying dark later in the morning. The children require a sweatshirt or long sleeves more often, and I find that I'm reaching for one myself for the dog's nightly walk.

But my sadness is not about the sunshine, the chill in the air, or even the impending doom of snow. No, it is that Robby is 20 days short of kindergarten age, and I will be stuck with him. ALL WINTER.

I am quickly arranging playdates and outings. Once a week to the indoor playground will run me $16 dollars, but its well worth it for two hours of play, followed by a nap. Another, much smaller, indoor playground will run me just $4, and I can sit on my blackberry while the children play unhindered by my watching eyes.

But still... with the weather getting cooler, I know, Oh, do I know, that summer is ending and the snow is soon to arrive. Will it be snowing by Halloween? Thanksgiving? Should I be sewing snowsuit costumes? Should I be stocking up on playdough and paint? Movies? Hot chocolate and extra socks?

But yet, summer isn't quite over. Not... quite.


GRANDPA said...

Great pictures. Thanks. I remember very well that feeling of summer slipping away. I could never get into this, but you (and Robby) might get into some ice skating to keep sane. That could be something you look forward to. Could Alex take 1/2 hour off a few days a week to watch Mila while you and Robby get some ice time?

GRANDPA said...

Great shots,could you try to include some photos of our "machatunim" when you can?
I saw a bit of Sophia.

P.S. The previous comment was actually by some woman pretending to be grandpa!!!