Thursday, August 14, 2008

Home again, home again!

We're home! The ped was fine with M's intake yesterday ( the fact that she did not throw up was a GREAT thing ) and she tolerated her feed overnight. DISCHARGRED!


That was at 7:10am. BTW, wtf is up with doctors coming at 10 after 7? I was in bed, though I had gotten up at 5, washed up, drank my coffee, and went back to bed

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Patyrish said...

Oh don't you love how early they show up! I can't get over it. I mean I know they have to go to their office and all. I can't tell you the times I was woken up with eye boogers, bad breath and my mouth hanging open to the surgeon and about 6 of her residents to talk about Makily. MORTIFYING.