Thursday, August 14, 2008

a good night

Mila did well with her nightly dose right through till 5 am when she became uncomfortable. I vented the g tube and got some huge bubbles. She is still full of air!

There has been no poop yet. I don't think this will prevent us from going home but you never know.

Yesterdays feedings went ; 6am to 12 noon - 35 ml cont

12:20 - 100 ml orally

6:00 - bites of potato and cake ( 5 each maybe )

9:00 - 40 ml oral

I don't want to say she FAILED her oral eating trial but it is not far off either. I was looking for more an average of 1 oz per hour ( with however many intervals she wanted...) But again, I don't THINK its enough to keep us here another day.

Now that I've said her to some rare thing that ends up keeping us even longer!!!

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Patyrish said...

Wow that amount orally soo soon after is really good I think. Makily had MAJOR bubbles through the tube after it was placed too. They vented it for DAYS while feed was running and everything and she was still gassy, frothy and bubbly.

Glad she seems to be doing so well so far.