Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Potty Predicament

Mila is potty trained, apparently.

Not training per se, but trained.

What else do you call it when she's been diaper free for several hours and hasn't had a single accident? At 18 months old? Pee, AND poo, mind you, both in the potty.

Where the heck does one buy size 1 undies? I don't even have a pattern that goes that small!!!!

Yesterday, Mila started asking for potty when her diaper was on, and held it during dinner. She peed the moment we put her down. I am so proud its DISGUSTING.

Of course, it wasn't so cool yesterday when she peed, grabbed the potty, and dumped it over her head like Robby was doing with his potty.

That's right, we've now got THREE potties - a pink, a white, and a red. One for Sophia's house, one for our house, and one for the car. I don't expect Mila to sit on a regular toilet for quite a bit yet, but I don't think she'd be upset if I put her on the potty while she was in the car ( probably in the trunk area or the floor of the front seat ). I'm so stinking thrilled its not funny.

And I am quite sure... I've just jinxed the hell outta myself.

Mila also has a GI appointment today, so keep us in your thoughts!

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