Friday, August 29, 2008

Unnies, Accidents, and the never ending job.

How to shrink underwear on purpose :
1) Buy the cheapest 90% cotton underwear in the smallest possible size. I used 2/3 by George at Walmart.
2) Wash on HOT with a load of non shrinkables. I used towels cause they've been washed so much they aren't going to shrink. Make sure it is the LONGEST possible cycle.
3) Dry on HOT. I used the 2 hour manual setting.

Size 2/3 undies became size 12-18 months. PERFECT for Mila.

Now, of course, begins the joy that is underwear. I only bought 5 pairs. I shrank all of them. This morning I dug the first pair out of the dryer and handed it to Mila.

Her eyes widened. She gasped. And then she yelled " UNNIES! "

She did have her first accident today. I think she forgot she was wearing unnies and thought she was wearing a diaper, and she peed on the floor. Big deal. One accident in three days? Heck, she's even waking up dry. At this rate, she'll be panty trained by next week!

Except, of course, that she fell asleep for nap wearing unnies and not a diaper. I'm sure I'll have another load of laundry to do.

Laundry is the never ending job. I can do laundry every day, and with only a few exceptions, I do! My good friend Meep and I do " 15's " and one or two, invariably, is tackling Mount Washmore. Just like dishes, four outfits, two towels, two kitchen towels and somebody's sheets is quite literally an entire load. * Could * I wait two days and have one big, slightly overstuffed load? Yes. But then I would be a day behind, and without fail, that would be the day that M's feed leaks, the dog pees on the bed, and I have a kitchen explosion. And then I'd have four loads instead of one.

Even the kids help me with laundry. ( Alex does not. If I ask alex to switch the laundry, he moves the wet clothes into the dryer and thats it. He will not start a new load. ) Robby brings me his empty hangers and puts full hangers into his closet. He also puts away his pants and underoo's.

Mila helps by unfolding laundry at a rate slightly faster than I can fold. She is also VERY good at pressing the dryer start button, and " fixing" the clothes in the dryer : I put them in but let one or two fall out or hang over the edge. It keeps the peace.

Now.. folding laundry is difficult. Mila unfolds. Robby can't fold. Alex doesn't even know what folding IS. I fold laundry on the bed. That means the bed has to get made. Well, if I'm going to make MY bed, I might as well make the kids beds. And if I'm making the kids beds, is it really so hard to put a few toys away? nah.... And while I'm bringing the kitchen towels down, I end up straightening up the ktichen since I'm in there.

Huh. No wonder the laundry takes me so long.

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RissaRoo said...

Go, Mila, Go! How free is that baby going to feel with no tube and no diaper?!? Yea!