Saturday, August 30, 2008

To my (ex) neighbors

Dear (ex) neighbors -

It was not enought that your pot smoke filled the hallway and my house everytime the doors were open. It was not enough that I caught you smoking weed in your car when you almost killed my son. It was NOT ENOUGH, do you hear me, IT WAS NOT ENOUGH that you had a fight in the parking lot and we had to deal with over an hour of sirens all night long earlier this month. It was NOT ENOUGH, NOT ENOUGH that the fallout from this fight was my having to open the door wearing boxers and a tshirt, with no bra, several times. Once, it was the police! Once, it was my landlord wearing an Armani suit and blue suede shoes. That couldn't be enough for you? Oh, and how many times did you buzz my apartment to let you in? Not enough, you say?

Well... its obvious you got evicted. And by the hurried, all night long manner you moved in, I'm guessing you skipped out rather than pay damage deposit.

But was it NECESSARY to move out at midnight? The constant banging down the stairs drove DD crazy, who, in turn, woke up Mila.


I am soooo tired.


GRANDPA said...

Sorry you guys had to go through all this but at least they are gone.
BTW, what about the other group of pot smokers?
No one should have to have a landlord who wears blue suede shoes.

RissaRoo said...

LOL about the blue suede shoes! I feel your pain...we had a SWAT team show up at our door looking for our neighbors once. During a dinner party! It's not fun to open your front door and see a guy in a Kevlar vest toting an automatic wheapon...even if they *are* on the right side!

rae_of_hope said...

well, thank goodness they are gone and good riddence!