Sunday, May 11, 2008

10 Things I Learned From My Mother

1. The Joy Of Cooking - This book has just about everything you will ever need to cook big meals. Meatloaf? Check. Honey Cake? Check. Flank Steak? Check. Chili? Check.

2. Driving the Big Green Van - My mom taught me to drive with this HUGE green Dodge Caravan. Its the reason I learned to parallel park. I am fairly sure that I could parallel park a semi in a doorway. My mom's ability to parallel park exceeds my own. She's THAT good!
3. Hire a Cleaning Lady. We had one growing up, forever. It didn't teach me great housekeeping skills, but it DID teach me about priorities.

4. Pancakes are for Saturdays. Growing up, my mom make pancakes ( From Bisquick ) every Saturday. With my own kids, we still have pancakes on Saturday. ( And I still use Bisquick! )

5. Family dinner time. We had family dinner time every single night. My family still eats dinner every night that we are home together. There is no tv during meals. Everybody sits until everyone is done. Its a great time to bond, and its very rare that families can or will make this a priority.

6. You have to moo at cows. I learned this during a trip to Hershey with my mom. It was hysterical. My son finds it hysterical when I do this now... Have I mentioned that Alberta is cow country?

7. Don't be afraid to switch careers. My mom has had lots of jobs. Some successful. Some not. I've always admired her commitment to whatever it was she decided to do. At 50+, Mom decided to fulfill her dreams and become a teacher. Even though it wasn't her favorite job, holy cow! HOw many people could DO that???

8. Some people are directionally challenged. There is no help for them. My mom and I are kindred souls in this aspect. I find nothing unusual with making two or three uturns per car trip. Even to the grocery store. Its normal for me to go the same way I always go - even if there is a faster way - because this is the way I know. And I am terribly irritated at those who are NOT directionally challenged. ( Hi Dad! )

9. Make too much food for company. My mom cooks for an army. So do I. Plan it all out, cook 50 dishes, and ignore those who tease you about it or tell you to make it all simple. The answer is no. We like it this way!!!

10. Being a mom isn't easy. My mom has always been forthcoming about her difficulties with us children at certain stages. I think my mom was amazing, so I appreciate when she doesn't act like it was no big deal for her. I appreciate hearing about first time mistakes. Now that I have my own children, I understand, and I sympathize. I don't know how she did the things she did - juggling three children, full time work, cooking dinner. Etc.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!


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Thanks for what you said about my wife.Very well written and VERY moving.